OP-X Pro II compatibility


Well, it works as described on both the laptop and desktop music computers. I still don’t know why it fails on my web desktop. I will check to see if both versions, but I only installed the demo before buying. Thanks again @brad !


My suspicion is that if you have both versions of the plugin on your plugin path then they probably both have the same plugin id and it might be a bit random which one gets reloaded.

eg: you specifically select the Cantabile edition when inserting the plugin - but when you save and reload Cantabile is selecting the non-Cantabile version.

Just a hunch.


I just ran a test again where I opened the plugin, chose another preset, verified that the sound changed, closed the plugin UI, saved the Song, and exited Cantabile.

I then re-opened Cantabile and loaded the same song. I opened the plugin GUI, noted that the name of the preset displayed in the plugin’s window was the one I selected, but the sound was definitely not. (I purposely chose a sound very different that the Matrix Softstrings II.) Also, as Dave noted, the NUMBER displayed in the “LED window” showed 1, not the NUMBER of my selected preset.

I also verified that the only OP-X plugin in my plugins path was the special 1.2.2 64-bit Cantabile version and that this was the version that was loaded each time.


Hi @Roland_Robertson

Yep that’s expected - it’s the way OPX’s preset management works - when the host instructs the plugin to load a previously saved state it always loads over the selected OPX preset. When the plugin is reloaded as part of a song, the selected preset is always preset 1.

Not sure what else to say about this. Perhaps @dave_dore can figure out what’s different between his machines that work and those that don’t. Failing that - you might have to take it up with Sonic Projects.



Thanks for the attention that you have given this Brad.


Just heard back from SonicProjects about this.

It seems OPX reloads it’s sound banks when the host’s sample rate is changed. This is conflicting with the way Cantabile initializes the plugin causing the sounds to be reset on sample rates other than 44,100.

For those with the problem I’m guessing this is the reason. Try switching to 44,100 and see if it works correctly. (@dave_dore I’m guessing the machines that work are running at 44,100?)

I consider this to be a bug in the plugin but as an interim solution I’ve put in a hack to save/restore the plugin state while the sample rate is changed. This seems to solve the problem and will probably be in the next build. (But it’s definitely a hack).



While I haven’t tried it yet, I’ll bet that’s it. I usually run at 48000. While I agree with you that it’s an issue with OP-X, thank you for putting in a hack to address it!

EDIT: I did a quick test and did confirm that switching to 44100 made a difference. I wonder if they do any significant testing at rates other than 44100! I remember the 1st 64-bit version had a bug with out-of-tune sound sources when played at 48000.


Hi @Roland_Robertson, @brad ,

OK … I checked the new info from brad and what happened was that on my online machine I was running wasapi in shared mode. When I switched to 44.1 KHz rate it corrected the problem. Thanks for the follow up and watch out for shared mode with this plug for now. :smile:


Shared mode uses the sample rate configured on the audio device in Windows somewhere - if it was set 44,100 it probably would have worked.

Either way, build 3174 has mentioned hack in it (x64 edition only because not sure if x86 edition is affected by this).

Also, I think Sonic Projects might still be looking into it.



Just a follow up. I checked sample rate on sound card that was shared mode and it was 44.1Khz all along. Thanks again to you and SonicProjects!

I tried 3174 and it works with shared mode. One other note though, even if I make no changes to my song it prompts to save it on shutdown or song change. Is this a side effect of your hack? Just curious …


Thanks Dave - I missed that. Fixed for next build.


Curious here. Running OB-X Pro II (CE) and C3 build 3176, running at 44.1khz. Were y’all (Texan for second person plural) ever able to get pseudo presets to work with OB-X? In a rack I tried triggers, rack states, load/import, etc. I haven’t been able to get OB-X to reliably save and load a patch.


UPDATE: By checking “Entire Bank” in “State Behavior – Plugins” it seems to work. I’m just not sure why.


Hi Richard,
I have it working with pseudo presets here on all 3 of my machines.


Anyone tried the new version (1.2.5) of OP-X Pro-II ? It now apparently incorporates the patches that were previously available in a special Cantabile Edition.

I’m trying it, and can’t seem to get presets to change properly, either using Selected Program or Entire Bank. I may be doing something wrong…

Download available here: http://www.sonicprojects.ch/obx/products.html



Hey Neil,

I checked it here and these are my findings :

No Program or Banked Program changes are recognized from the bindings to the plugin directly. However the preset system for C3 is partially working. It didn’t respond to the ‘Selected Program’ or ‘Entire bank’ check boxes (the same thing happens with or without them), so I had the same results as you here on this question. So I did a ‘Select All’ for the states behavior for the OP-X plugin and then unchecked any top list choices I didn’t want (editor vis, morph etc) and then tested it. Doing this is using C3 and the automation on OP-X stored the parameters and the OP-X panel patch name and then returned it later when I call up the corresponding C3 preset. All my old OP-X Racks seem to be working fine.




Thanks Dave! It’s reassuring to see it’s not just me seeing the program and whole bank approaches not working.

I hadn’t tried the automation approach you mentioned on OP-X Pro-II, but will give that a go. I’m using that more and more these days (my VB3 rack drives VB3 entirely via automation). I’m always just a bit paranoid that there’s some plugin parameter that isn’t exposed to Cantabile.



Hmmm, for me, the C3 preset system is working for the current patch without “entire bank” behavior selected:

  • Load any OP-X Pro bank, select a preset, fiddle with it, don’t save it to OP-X bank, but simply leave it open

  • switch to a different C3 preset - you’ll get a somewhat crippled preset name in OP-X and an unpredicable preset loaded, may not produce a sound at all…

  • Now load a different preset from your OP-X bank and edit that one

  • you now have two Cantabile presets with your two sounds - switching back and forth works nicely (sometimes funny behavior with sound tails, since parameters are changed for active oscillators)

  • if you load a different bank in OP-X, this will change the sound in your current C3 preset, but not change the other C3 presets - seems that C3 captures the “edit buffer” in its presets

So currently I work quite happily with C3 presets “selected program” seems to work for me; the few oddities are easy to get around.




Is that with the latest (1.2.5) version, @Torsten?


Yes - OP-X Pro II, v1.2.5, 64 bit