Onscreen Keyboard and rack midi in

Continuing the discussion from Question on sending transport Pause control message in version 3:

Hi Brad,

While working on a solution to the function in the linked topic I noticed some behaviors that I had some questions about. I wanted to test a midi route to a rack that had a binding in it that paused the main transport. I wanted to use the onscreen keyboard as a test tool to send note messages to the Rack MIDI in of the rack and have them bonded to the transport. This scenario would not work using the onscreen keyboard (it worked with the external keyboard and the midi playback from a media player. The rack midi input is receiving the midi messages but the binding is ignoring the rack midi in when fed by the onscreen keyboard. Is this how it should work?

Hi Dave,

Just tried this here - couldn’t see any issues. Can you send me a simple sample session that demos the problem?


Hey All,

It turned out I had the song transpose set to +1 semi tone and that was the user error. Thanks brad for the spot and help. :smiley: