One note to play multiple notes

I want to set up a series of single notes that basically play a chord or assigned notes. What’s the best way to go about doing that?

My first thought is using a MIDI file for each note played in a media player but I’m having trouble figuring out how to trigger them with states and bindings. My second thought is should I be doing this with filters?

As an example I want note 40(E2) to play notes 56(G#3), 59(B3), and 64(E4).

Hi Tweaker,

I‘m doing this with 2 different methods:

  1. If only very few notes have to be mapped I create a bunch of routings. I decrease the notes range to only one source note and get accords by having 3 or 4 idetical notes transposed to different target notes

  2. For more I have xfers Cathulhu available which is much more comfortable and also has arpeggiator capabilities available if needed.

Regards, humphrey

midiChords by Insert Piz Here.

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This is fairly easy to set up. As @humphrey mentioned, you can create map notes to individual keys, like this:

The configuration for an individual note would look something like this:

Alternatively, you could create a midi file for entire chords and make a binding from a note on your keyboard. You load the midi file into a mediaplayer and set the Sync Mode to None (neither master nor slave). The binding requires two entries: one for note on and one for note off, like this:

Or you could use one of the suggested plugins, or a combination of all of the above.


Thank you so much everyone!

@Humphrey . I didn’t try Cthulhu for $39 but it looks interesting.

@The_Elf . I really like midiChords. It is very fast and easy to do what I need. I looked into registering it but got sent to a funky web-page so I decided to use it as is.

@hermanoantequera . I really appreciate your examples. I got all three methods working. Where I was going wrong was trying to use all my MIDI files in one single media player. I couldn’t find the binding configuration needed to trigger each state per file.

Thanks again guys!

Glad you got it working, @Tweaker. If you’d like to load all your midi files into a single mediaplayer, here is what you can do:

  • Load all your individual single-shot midi files into your mediaplayer
  • Create a binding using Select File Indexed to load the desired midi file into mediaplayer (the numbers simply refer to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc midi file in the list loaded into the mediaplayer)
  • Create another binding to actually play the file.
  • Etc.

Here is an example with two midi files being triggered in different transport positions:

Very cool. Good to know for other future applications. Thanks.

+1 for midiChords, I use it quite a lot! Although it might be hard to find the Piz MIDI plugins now, I think the site has gone…

The site has gone, but there are several sites where you can find them “in the wild” I think KVR had some pointers.

Here’s one!

The KVR link was dead…

I’m gonna have a play with it…

I seem to have a later version than the ones I’m seeing here - 1.2.5 I think…

It’s very good. I’d be happy to pay for this one, but it does seem as if they’ve fallen off the net.

If you have Kontakt or another sampler player, you can sample the chord and assign it to a key. I also was able to create routings for a voice synth/harmonizer that mapped a single key to 4-part harmony chords that sounded when I sang into the mic and played a specific key on the controller.