Omnisphere 2/Keyscape issue on switching songs

Hi guys. I wrote this mail to Brad this morning, but I’d like to copy it to you, so that maybe someone gets the same. Here’s the fact:

I have a setlist with two songs, and inside each song I have 2 instances of Omnisphere: 1 with omnisphere samples and 1 with keyscape samples, but they both are Omnisphere 2 (same .dll).
When I open Cantabile (and the setlist, automatically), I can play fine without problems. Then I switch song: I can’t play the instance of Omnisphere with Keyscape, but the other yes. The “omnisphere sample” instance is on the upper keyboard (Roland A800 PRO), the “keyscape sample” is on the lower keyboard (a Clavinova connected by MIDI in my Focusrite 6i6). Then I switch back to the other song, same result: I can only play the upper instance of Omni.



I think I had the exact same problem. It was using Keyscapes. Not running in Omnisphere. The patch would change in Keyscapes but the samples would not load. I would have to go into the plugin window and reselect the patch to get it to load the samples.
I never solved the issue but I did figure out a work around. Trigger a +1 Rack program change after the song is selected and then trigger a -1 program change 5ms later.
This would successfully change the patch 80% of the time. So not consistent enough. I also stumbled on a bug in Keyscapes where the host enabled parameters would not accurately change to where I saved them. They would sort of just jump towards the middle and stay around that zone.

I emailed Specrasonics about this and this is the response:

Keyscape isn’t necessarily designed to support this sort of program changing – if what you’re describing matches up with what I’m envisioning, which is VST “snapshots” with different patches saved to them, this may not be something we support.

In any case, I’d appreciate a video showing what you’re describing, as I may have to get the input of our development team on this issue.

Please provide a video and I’ll be glad to look into this further.

Best regards,

Sorry I don’t have solution for you, If you figure this out I’d love to know.


I asked Brad too, but sadly I think it’s a problem of Keyscape/Omnisphere (but at this point, I think more a Keyscape issue, given that Omnisphere multis - i.e. with only Omnisphere Library sounds - work fine), so nothing that Brad can do - and nothing that Spectrasonics WANTS to do, as it seems :frowning: :cry: :sob:

so it’s impossible to use Keyscape in conjunction with Cantabile, or any other VST host that change snapshots just as Cantabile does.

Or maybe we could load Keyscape in the background rack, but we would have to load all the Keyscape patches at the same time, at the beginning. Shame. I was so close to build the perfect setup for me, but Spectrasonics came in to ruin everything lol :smiley:


ok, update: the problem exists with Omnisphere Library, too. I do not know what to do anymore.

Until now, it seems the only way to make this work is the Saved Rack feature of Cantabile Performer… Keyscape and Omnisphere are unusable with Solo and Lite. any thoughts?

Today, I have decided to stop messing around with omnisphere and keyscapes on my live laptop. Due to the issues mentioned above. Its really too bad because these were the sounds that made me want to move to a laptop based rig in the first place. As much as I want to use these sounds, I have enough samples libraries from other companies (like acoustic samples). They also sound excellent. I will be uninstalling Omnisphere, Trillian and Keyscapes from my live laptop and only use them as studio tools from here on. The upside to this is that my Laptop is only 500GB so that frees up quite a bit of space.

I need a decent replacement for the bass sounds in Trillian. I like to layer a bit of electric bass into my left hand bass lines setup. The new IK multimedia physical modelled bass has caught my attention.

I’m also one of the people who is having lots of trouble with VB3. So I am thinking of switching to B5.

No point having incredible sounds if you have to sacrifice peace of mind to use them!
Onwards and upwards!

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the beginning of your post made me think you found the solution… but sadly not. lol :smiley:

I have some libraries too, great sounding libs, but I just can’t (or do not want to) ignore Keyscape. It’s just… too much to not to be played. :slight_smile:

I’m using IK Multimedia MODO Bass, I like it a lot and it has small footprint.


I 3rd MODO, pretty decent sub for Trilian. Although left to my own devices I’d use one of the Scarbee basses in Kontakt over any of them :wink:

I am so sorry! That was a bad iPad typo. I meant to say STOP not START. Unbelievable.

I agree… It’s very hard to let go of keyscapes. I used them on some shows and the wurly’s clavs and Rhodes were insanely good. Just no way to save presets and switch sounds effectively. Sometimes the sounds in keyscapes just wouldn’t load and I’d have to go in and manually reload the preset.
Such a shame…

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yes, I think the combo Cantabile-Keyscape could be a killer one. I was told that Brad is working on this, so I hope this will be fixed (but, obviously, it’s a Spectrasonics issue - not Cantabile’s).


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Hey All,

I’m finally getting around to taking a deep dive on this problem and wanted to clarify the current status. If someone who is/was having this issue could please clarify:

  1. Is this still an issue, or have there been Omnisphere/Keyscape fixes since that resolve the problem. Or, perhaps this is resolved in latest builds of Cantabile?
  2. Could someone try to reduce this to the simplest possible setup with Omnisphere 2 so I can try to reproduce it here.
  3. Failing that, a precise description of how to reproduce the problem.
  4. A debug log showing the problem might also be helpful. Specifically using build 3251 with Options -> Diagnostics -> Verbose Logging turned on. (Build 3251 has some additional logging in this area).

Basically, I want to get to the bottom of this but need to be able to reproduce it and any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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No problems with Omnisphere 2 here.

I don’t, however, have Trillian or Keyscape.

if you switch between two songs with two different preset of omnisphere 2, you don’t have problems???

Hi Brad, here we are.

  1. Yes, still an issue, just tested: using Cantabile build 3251, last version of Omnisphere 2 and Keyscape. No updates/fixes relased from that time to now.
  2. Here, I zipped some files (log, setlist and 2 songs) so that you can recreate it (link from Google Drive).
  3. Just load an instance of Omnisphere 2 with some sounds in it (either Keyscape’s or Omnisphere’s library) in a song; then switch song with another instance of Omni 2 with other sounds. Save all and alternatively switch between these two songs: you’ll have to reload the Multi/Patch/Preset, or move to Preset 2 and then back to Preset 1 (Cantabile’s Presets).
  4. I sent you the log, in the link, hoping I choose the right one. Let me know, thanks.

Have a good work!

Thanks @CreativiTea

Give me a couple of days to look into this. I need to sort out my Omnisphere installation and I’m away from my PC today but this is on the top of my list for this week.


Nope. I use two instances of Omnisphere 2 in every song of the set.

I’m using Cantabile 3 Performer Build 3236 and Omnisphere 2.3.0h if it helps with the diagnosis.

I just don’t understand, it seems that I am the only who has this issue

I’ll try updating Omnisphere to the latest version and see if I can reproduce it.

I can’t update Cantabile because my subscription has expired and I can’t afford to renew it at the moment.