Omnisphere 2/Keyscape issue on switching songs

Just updated to Omnisphere 2.3.2h and it’s still working fine.

I can switch back and forth between all the songs in the set list in any order and everything loads as expected.

what is your Omnisphere setup? do you use Keyscape’s Library too?
I will try to uninstall and reinstall Cantabile…

Problems sometimes occur due to specific setups and combinations. With my Java software librarians (for classic synths) the occasional user has problems that I find hard if not impossible to replicate. For the first time in 16 years I have had to install application logging to try and chase some really bizarre problems, I have never had to do this before, but I can see the value of it now I have made the effort. And Kudos to Brad for having it (logging) in Cantabile from the outset.

And sometimes it is down to a user’s workflow being a combination of events that as a programmer you did not anticipate. :slight_smile:

This is why software programmers sometimes dream of cat herding as an easier career choice :wink:

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No Keyscape here.

One thought; I use the pre-load set list option in Cantabile. I don’t know if that makes a difference?

maybe yes… the clou is here I think

do you have the same issue that I have?

Any progress on this Brad? Hopefully specrasonics have gotten back to you. I had to uninstall Omnisphere 2 AND keyscapes due to its unreliability loading samples and adjusting parameters inaccurately using the cantabile preset drop down menu. A huge bummer for me because I love these sounds.
But if the sound doesn’t load, no point having it on my live laptop.

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Doesn’t it work if you have “Entire bank” state behaviour set on the plugin? You can set up 8 different presets in an instance Omnisphere, and switch between them instantly by routing in on different MIDI input channels. It seems to be that it’s the preset changing that doesn’t work when you combine Omnisphere and Keyscape. Pre-loading 8 patches and switching your routing means you’re not doing any Omnisphere preset changes, which I thought may allow you to avoid the problem (I can’t test this as I don’t have Keyscape yet).

If you use Cantabile Performer, so you have the racks feature, you can put this plugin into a rack and have it remain loaded and ready for use in any song, giving you instant access to 8 Omnisphere/Keyscape presets instantly, with no significant loading time between songs (if you have setlist preloading enabled).


Yes, that’s exactly how I ended up using it but Omnisphere still wouldn’t properly load samples when you start cantabile. On top of that it wouldn’t remember the adjustments I made to each combination sounds. I can’t really fully explain it but it felt like it had a mind of its own and was totally unpredictable to use. I would have to manually go into omnisphese and click on each multi and then click each preset to make sure the samples were loaded every time I started cantabile.

I’ve reproduced this issue and even put together a video demonstrating the problem which I’ve sent to Spectrasonics. I’ve followed up with them about it the other day but haven’t heard anything back yet.

Here’s the video for anyone interested. (Excuse the long load time in the middle but that seems to be what triggers the problem).


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yes, but the point here is the possibility to use a single patch per song, because if you load 8 Keyscape patches on an Omnisphere Multi, 8 GB of RAM won’t be enough.
And, the possibility to use Keyscape without Omnisphere (lots of pros and cons, but still a different use than loading Keyscape patches in Omnisphere).
Brad sent me a Setlist with some patches to try, but I still have problems. Don’t know if everyone has this problem, I’m not understanding too much. Spectrasonics (as Brad said) has been called and informed, I hope they will give importance to this issue, but I don’t think so.

I really think that the combo Cantabile + Keyscape could be something really good. But for now it’s unuseable.

Just received this reply from Spectrasonics:

We are aware of the issue, though a fix is likely to take some time; when a user encounters this issue, they should manually re-load the "silent” Patches or Multi in the plugin.
Another possible workaround - is it possible to create an optional setting for Cantabile to not delete plugin instances in one Set List when another Set List is selected?

From that, it sounds like turning on set list pre-loading in Cantabile Performer might resolve this.


so the only workaround for now exists only in Cantabile Performer. Hoping that "a fix is likely to take some time " will not mean "we don’t have time for this " :joy:
Thank you Brad, I’ll keep following for Cantabile Solo news :+1:

I’ve already asked them to clarify this. I’ll post back if I hear.

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That means:

1 <---------------------------------we’re here

314 <------------------------------your problem is here



From Spectrasonics:

This is definitely an issue we want to look into further.


we’ll see … :roll_eyes:

Hey Brad, thanks for the update! Do you still have key scales loaded to test whether or not preloaded setlists would work?

I’m wondering because I remember keyscapes having issues loading the samples when the setlist first loaded.

I haven’t tried with preloaded set lists. I’ll take a look at it when I get a chance.

Just FYI, I also see this problem – only with Keyscape, not Omnisphere – and I do use the Set Pre-loading feature in Cantabile.

As others have noticed, It only happens when I have multiple songs in the set that use Keyscape (each one in a separate rack) but with other songs between the 2 that use Keyscape. It doesn’t seem to happen every time, but enough that it causes some stress during a live performance.

I hope Spectrasonics comes us with a solution; I may need to resort to some workaround.