Omnisphere 2.5 Crash on quit(Now Fixed by Spectrasonics)

Happening on laptop and desktop computers. With only Ominsphere 2.5 instantiated, Cantabile crashes on quit.
Previous version and the latest SetupCantabile-3556 are having this issue.
Running Win7 64

Hi @Ade

I’ve had one other report of this after upgrading from Omnisphere 2.0 to 2.5 but I couldn’t reproduce it myself.

I just ran some more tests here and still can’t reproduce it. Make sure you’ve installed all the parts of the omnisphere upgrade (ie: sample sets etc…) and not just the plugin - that was causing issues for me when I was testing (but not on shutdown I don’t think).

Anyway, if that doesn’t help, can you post a quick screen recording of exactly what you’re doing and I’ll try again to reproduce it.

  • Did this start after upgrading from Omnisphere 2.0 to 2.5?
  • Does it happen in any other hosts?
  • Did you send through any crash reports? (not seeing them)


Hi Brad,
Each crash has offered to send a report. Did you not get those?
Also, just tested by deleting the instance from Cantabile. Immediate crash, so it’s not the quit but the shutting down of Omnisphere within Cantabile which is the issue. .
Hopefully you got that report too.

This happened after the upgrade from 2 to 2.5.
Both Cubase and Reaper do not suffer from the crash.

In boxed you a screen capture

Hi @Ade

Could you run one more test for me? Do like you did in the video, but before you delete the plugin, stop Cantabile’s audio engine, wait 5-10 seconds and then delete it and let me know what happens.



  • I’m in discussion with Spectrasonics about this. As best I can tell this is a problem with the plugin not cleaning up something before it’s unloaded from memory.
  • It might be specific to Windows 7. So far all reports of this are on Windows 7 and I’m unable to reproduce on Windows 10. I’ll try myself on Windows 7 soon and report back.


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I also wrote to Spectrasonics. Hope we get a solution soon. Thanks Brad

Spectrasonics Information|Fri, Sep 21, 4:31 PM (20 hours ago)||![]

Hi Adrian,

It sounds like a Cantabile issue – and this is the only report I’m getting of this issue.

I will submit your findings to our software dev team.

Thanks for your feedback!



Technical Support Specialist

A little more -
If the plugin is disabled (as opposed to bypassed) it survives being shutdown/replaced/deleted.

Cancel that - left it for a couple of hours, power off to plug in, quit Cantabile, crash.

A quick update.

I’ve spent some more time investigating this and I’m 99% sure this is an Omnisphere issue. It only happens on Windows 7 and it only happens if you open/close the plugin UI before unloading or deleting it.

Yesterday I sent a screen cast of a debug session to Spectrasonics detailing the problem and they’ve confirmed they can reproduce it, seem to agree on the problem and are looking into it.

I’ve tried a couple of things to work around it in Cantabile but no luck so I think we need to wait for a fix in the plugin itself.

Also, this problem isn’t exclusive to Cantabile. Forte also crashes and VstHost starts logging thousands of access violation exceptions but (dangerously) suppresses them.

Stay tuned…


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And fixed… I just received an updated .dll from Spectrasonics that fixes this. Not sure when it will be publicly released.


10 minutes to a fix that’s pretty impressive! Are you using ESP @brad :grin:


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According to Spectrasonics they began the Omnisphere v2.5.1 public release today and while it currently doesn’t include this fix, I’m assured the next build will.



Wow fast… I wonder why that problem with keyscape not loading patches after song changing could not be fixed so fast too… :confused:

I follow up with them about this, but haven’t received a reply.

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sadly it’s been a year or so, that they still don’t fix this. I don’t trust them anymore, but greatly trust you and your hard work :clap: :pray:

The pre release version that @brad was supplied, and which has a CAN designation in its version number, is now showing as being ‘up to date’.
Can’t be sure that it is, but I may roll back, do the official update, if there is one, and see if it crashes.
This was a bit of a wake up call for Win 7 loyalists. There is now C3 functionality which W7 can’t use and an Omnisphere version which didn’t get attention prior to release. Maybe the writing’s on the wall - or the window.
I’m just not ready to go through migration headaches at this time - but I know I’ll need to bite the bullet soon enough.


Do you know if anyone has had those problems with Win8?