Omnisphere 2.5 Crash on quit(Now Fixed by Spectrasonics)


Brad said only Win 7 users reported, but if you had the issue, you’d know immediately you quit Cantabile :slight_smile:
Solved now anyway.


You and I had the discussion awhile back about staying with Win 7 until it completely plays out. My main laptop is still Win 7, but I got a different backup that was Win 8. I can have C3 full functionality with it, and feel comfortable with it. But, now that the problem with Win 7 has been solved, it doesn’t matter as much. Just sayin’…


Whether this happens on Windows 8 - I’m not sure. I only heard of it on Windows 7 and know it doesn’t happen on Windows 10.


Never seen it on WIN10…


Reply from Spectrasonics:


Omnisphere v2.5.1d is now out and seems to fix the issue I had with removing or unloading Omnisphere (Windows 7).


Yep, I just received an email from the developer at Spectrasonics saying this fix is now officially released. Please update to v2.5.1d for the official fix.


Great! So they fixed crash on quit. Did they fix song change bug for Omnisphere too? Or does this fix relate only to crash on quit? Just to understand. Thank you!


Just the crash on quit.

Re the other bug, they provided another description of the problem which doesn’t seem to match what I described to them so I’ve asked them to clarify they’re looking at the same problem - but haven’t heard back yet.

Either way, they suggested this might be related to the last instance of Omnisphere being unloaded. I haven’t tried this myself but it might be worth trying putting an empty instance of Omnisphere in the background rack and see if that helps.


If I remember well from my test, I had that problem with only one instance of Omni or Keyscape, too. I should try again to be sure of that


I could only reproduce the problem with two songs with one plugin in each - so possibly two instances loaded at the same time.


To anyone who’s experiencing the problem with Keyscape/Omnisphere going silent after song/patch switching, here’s the latest from spectrasonics:

I have forwarded this to our development team to look into. As of now, this issue is on their radar and they are looking into it. In the mean-time, if you have any customers reach out to you regarding this specific issue – please have them contact us directly via email as that will be helpful regarding this case.