Off-topic: Sneak Peek

Waiting for approval in the play store to start alpha and then public beta…

Brave volunteers welcome :wink:


BTW: thanx to @brad for great ideas on how to build the new rendering and scrolling engine!


That looks awesome @Torsten

Any plans for doing a freehand notes layer?

Not really

  • freehand notes won’t work with the text-only file format
  • LivePrompter is purely a “display” type application - editing takes place elsewhere
  • Dropbox sync is purely 1-way - don’t want to mess with editing conflict management
  • freehand notes don’t play with editing - change the source files, and where do your notes go?

IMHO, freehand notes work well with page-based, pre-formatted content like PDFs, but aren’t really workable with text-based content.

My workflow over the last years has been to take classic paper notes during rehearsals or even gigs and then work them into custom comments in my LivePrompter sources later.

For freehand notes, I’d look at PDF-based solutions like Music Reader.

just my 0.02 EUR…



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Songbook Pro has implemented freehand notes using the same text format for the song file you are using. Not sure if it is implemented as a layer or if they convert the text file to another format upon import or what. LOL, as a stupid guitar player, I rely on my “undiscernible to others” shorthand much more so than chord charts though the shorthand often ends up atop the chord chart.

I assume they convert the file to their own document format on load so they can manage the content in their proprietary file format. That would make it possible to manage freehand layers and annotations.

LivePrompter just follows a different approach - stay with an open, editable format that can be shared across band members, so everyone can contribute their edits to a common base of reference. It’s pretty cool to have one Dropbox with our song files and everybody adding their specific notes and comments to common files. It also means that I can create comments for our guitar player to tell him what I’d like him to play :wink:

Horses for courses, I guess - never claimed that LivePrompter can replace all other solutions. Essentially I built it for myself to do what I need.

And of course I’m giving it away for free :wink:




Wow it’s great!