LivePrompter goes Android - new: Public Beta Test

Hi All,

since there are a number of us here already using LivePrompter in its Windows incarnation, maybe some of you are interested in helping me get the new-and-shiny Android version out to the public.

See this thread for some screenshots.

In my tests, it has been super-stable and performing nicely, but I want to do a couple of weeks of Alpha testing with a closed user group to kick the tires a bit and see if there are any issues in the user experience that could be ironed out before going public Beta.

The functionality and handling is pretty close to the Windows version, just the MIDI functionality isn’t included (yet) - I’m hoping to get that in in the near future, but wanted to have the core functionality stable first.

It does have a few added features that the existing Windows version likely isn’t going to get, like a Search page or Instant Transpose / Capo, so there’s an incentive to get on board :wink:

All you need to participate is an Anroid mobile phone or tablet, and a Google account (which kind of go hand in hand :wink: ) - send me a PM with your email address connected to your Google account and I’ll let you know how to get the current version.




OK, I’ve taken the plunge and started public beta testing.

On your Android phone, you can download the public beta here

Note: you will need a Dropbox account to use LivePrompter for Android - this is how you get the song files onto your mobile device.

Since free Dropbox accounts are more than enough for the small files that LivePrompter needs, this shouldn’t really be an issue…

There’s a “baby steps” Getting Started Guide here (also linked within the app on the About page):

I’ll publish a full guide on the website incrementally over the next weeks, but this should be enough to get you started…

Have fun!



Very nice Torsten!!

I just installed it and linked it to my dropbox folder where I store all my sheets. Only 5 or 6 show up and there must be hundreds in there. Am I correct that it doesn’t do PDFs?

Yup - LivePrompter is text files (chordpro format) only - see here

The focus of LivePrompter is to be a teleprompter type application - if you’re looking for an app that displays static PDFs, I’d recommend something like MobileSheets.



Ok, thanks!