Oddities in 3255


just wanted to tell about some oddities in latest experimental build (at least here): I had a larger setlist making no trouble up to build 3253. After updating to 3255 I began to observe crashes when switching between songs. Then I noticed a rack with one instance of JP6K inside producing no sound (always ran very stable). After looking into it I was really surprised to ser a completely different plugin (Phazor - not an instrument but an effect) inside.:astonished:

At first glance I thought this was initiated by myself doing some stupid settings or the like. So I got me the backup rack I had stored shortly before and substited it but with the same result!

Strangly I was able to load the plugin outside the rack without a problem. So I tried to substitute the plugin inside the rack by a new instance of JP6K which worked so far. I stored the rack and after loading it again there still was the same problem.

So at least I did a rollback to 3253 and was now able to load the rack flawlessly.

Dunno if this is concerned to my setup but I thought I let you know. Maybe it is a good idea to have backups of your racks and songs available.

Regards, humphrey

PS: crash report with a short description sent to Brad

After looking at @humphrey’s crash report, there’s a few things going on here.

  1. Somehow there’s a circular reference between two racks. Still looking into how this happened, but don’t think it’s related to the newer build (though maybe because of point 3 below)
  2. The plugins Phazor and JP6K are both being scanned as having the same plugin ID which would explain why Cantabile might replace one with the other. This is a bug in one or the other plugin.
  3. The big difference between 3253 and 3255 that might be affecting this is the fix that when multiple plugins with the same ID are available Cantabile wlil prefer the plugin that matches the current platform (x86 vs x64). I think because Phazor is x64 and JP6K is x86 the newer build is choosing a different (but technically more correct) plugin.

In either case, the conflicting plugin id’s seems to be the big issue here and I’m currently in discussion with Phazor’s developer who’s looking into it.



Hi Brad,

thanks alot for digging into this. I sent some more info via PM. What you describe makes sense as it explains why it only seems to be me observing this.
More information from here after rehearsels.

Kind regards, humphrey



I meanwhile contacted Adam Szabo (developer of jp6k and phazor). He reacted very fast and kind and released a corrected version of jp6k that now has a different plugin ID than phazor. This version (1.5) is available for registered user under the same path as before.

For me the fix works well, but please keep in mind that any sound data inside a jp6k rack is getting lost should you have had the same complication with phazor than me (the unwanted phazor plugin has to be substituted by a jp6k instance).

Regards, humphrey

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