Novation Impulse and FC7

This may need to move to “Related”, but I thought I’d start here because the only time I use this particular configuration is with Cantabile.

I have a Novation Impulse 61 and have been trying to use the FC7. The Novation site says that the resistance in the FC7 is compatible, but the wiring need to be changed to work with it. Unfortunately the link I saw for the page on the Novation site with the specifics is dead. I’d been assuming i was just a polarity switch (tip-ring to ring-tip) and had a converter for my FC7 when I used it with an Alesis, but that didn’t do the trick.

I’ve tried the curves in Cantabile to no help as the initial issue of it not being smooth is not addressed with that feature. Basically what should be a smooth increase from 0-127 is more lik:

First 10% of pedal movement Middle 90% Last 10%

0-50 51-110 111-127

The only other wiring thing I could try is to play with swapping out the sleeve to make it work. I’m wondering if anyone here has experience with this and has found a solution. I use the upper keyboard for many things, but Hammond (VB3-2) is the one where I really need the control for.

Thanks in advance -

Strange… I use an FC7 in combination with a Novation SL Mk3 and flipping tip and ring perfectly does the trick. Due to this document Impulse ans SL Mk3 behave identical:

Are you sure that shield is connected on both sides / no shortcuts are introduced?

Regards, Volker

I have an FC7 and have used it with my Roland XP-80 by reversing the tip and ring. While working on that I read the manual and ending up taking it off the base plate to modify how the spring worked. The way it was when I bought it used was that the last x percent of travel was spring loaded. I’m not solving your issue but just mentioning you might want to review that feature in the manual.

Grab a few crocodile clips, a second balanced cable, and try different combinations. Once you know the combo solder up a converter cable and label it accordingly.

I will do that this week. Heading to a gig right now and I’ll be able to “suffer through” it without much issue, though it will be 100 degrees Fahrenheit today and we are outside.

So the dumbass struck again.

The polarity inversion cable that i had was actually just an extension. When i got the right cable (the one that actually has “inverted” taped to it) things worked out.

My left foot is much happier now.