Non-VST Media Player

Is it possible to use an external software media player? (Win10x64)

I rely on the Amazing Slow Downer (ASD) for live playback, because of its ability to adjust pitch in cents. My flutes (mostly Native American) vary widely in pitch with temperature and playing volume and I cannot really use a backing track without a way to adjust pitch live.

ASD has no VST version - it acts like any other app-level media player.

Sorry if this is a very Noob question, but that’s where I’m at right now with Cantabile …

Hi @ClintGoss and welcome to the forum. :smiley:

As far as I understood you simply want to use this app in parallel to cantabile without any audio or midi interconnection in between both.

In this case it is not a question of compatibility to cantabile but using a multiclient asio driver. If such is available strongly depends on the manufacturer of your soundcard.

I‘m solely use RME stuff and can tell that such scenarios run flawlessly. Hopefully a look on the manual will guide you.

Good luck and regards, Volker

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Hi Clint,
I’m sorry I’m the only helper right now but the holidays are on so I will try to help out on this. From my knowledge of Slow Downer it loads the file and analyses it first so it can digitally alter the pitch and speed in real time during playback of the file. Cantabile currently supports speed control in real time on playback but lacks real time pitch transposing or micropitch adjusting. It does allow for course pitch adjustments to the loaded audio file while stopped and apllies them on the next play cycle.

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I will leave a call out to @brad the developer regarding this thread topic and possibly he can provide more insight as to whether that is in future plans but for now you would probably require a pitch stretching vsti plugin like Micropitch by Eventide or similar. The draw back with Micropitch is that it makes stereo mono while doing the real time processing because it is a instrument in type plug. Also there is SoundShifter by Waves that would work inside Cantabile

It looks like a close fit to slowdowner to me and goes for about 25 bucks.



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This is fantastic! The assistance both @humphrey and @dave_dore are providing is invaluable …

I use RME, but have not explored Multi-client ASIO … That would be easy.

However, staying within C3 I think would be ideal (maybe because that’s how I imagined it would/should work). I’m guessing I can map some controller to the pitch shifter of the Waves Parametric SoundShifter …

Thanks so much!!



Currently no real plans for changing the pitch shifting in the media player.

Also, don’t forget one alternative to multi-client ASIO is to use WASAPI in shared mode (if you don’t need audio input to Cantabile).


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I use a program called Transcribe! It can change pitch and speed instantly, and you can store and recall any number of named loops. I add it to the “Tools” option in Cantabile.

I have not explored Transcribe! as @soundassets suggested, but I have purchased (discount!) and installed the Waves Pitch Shifter as @dave_dore recommended. It suits my need perfectly!

Pitch Shifter (the only component of the Waves Parametric Pitch Shifter that can operate in real time) changes pitch with acceptably low artifacts (for me) and operates in Cents. It does have the rather annoying behavior of limiting cents to +/- 99 rather than rolling the pitch automatically over to the next higher or lower semitone when you get to the limit of the range (as the Amazing SlowDowner and other live pitch shifters do). However … nothing’s poifect!

C3 made the whole process a snap!! It took me longer to write this than get the pitch shifter installed …

I’m thinking that @brad is prudent in not messing with the existing pitch shifter … quality speed/pitch shifters are complex to construct, not a core feature for most users, and work perfectly well as plug-ins.