No builds for the moment

Hey All,

Just a quick note. I’m currently stalled on being able to put out new builds. Topten Software’s code signing certificate expired because the company I purchase them from failed to send reminders and they seem to have screwed up my renewal request. They also get the prize for the most un-intuitive, confusing and completely frustrating web site, order portal and support.

Anyway, I’m hounding them daily and as soon as this is sorted I’ll put up a new build with some new bits. Bear with me…



What a bummer. Apparently they suck! Sounds like some financial institutions I’ve dealt with. Anyway, this will give me time to catch up on builds, so no sweat here. :grin:
Give 'em hell!




The hosting company I use, Rochen, introduced me to Let’s Encrypt. Not sure if those 90 day self renewing certificates would be suitable for software but it’s been working well.

Yep, I’m aware of LetsEncrypt - I’m using them for SSL certificates and they’re awesome. Unfortunately they don’t do code signing certificates.