Build 3641 - What's New?

Well, I finally got this sorted and a new build of Cantabile is up now.

Here’s a quick summary.

Non-Linked State Behaviours

Ability to exclude certain settings from linked clone states. eg: create linked clones for all verses, but unlink the show notes so you can have different lyrics. See here for details.


Voice Allocator MIDI Filter

New MIDI filter can split notes to different channels to allow playing polyphonic playing of monophonic synths. See here for details


Type To Filter Rack and Song Lists

When adding songs to set lists and racks to songs, you can now type to quickly filter the list:

VST3 Plugin Hosting Fixes

There’s been a number of fixes to the VST 3 plugin hosting and plugins like Personus Ampire now work.

Miscellaneous other fixes and tweaks

See the release notes.

Available Now

Available now as experimental build 3641.



You’ve been busy! Glad the bottleneck is fixed. Thanks for the new features, I will check them out … :grin:


Thanks, Brad.

Really glad to see development back on track!

Fantastic! Much appreciated Brad, especially the non-linked state behaviors! Thanks,

Thanks Brad. Cool stuff.

Love that!
Ik starting to have a large list of songs, so it’s very handy

Can we also have this for “use different rack”? That command still brings up the browser.

  • Paul

Feature request

@brad please, add modification date column in Choose Rack dialog,
and another similar dialogs such as “Add songs to list” etc
It’s good to have an ability to sort racks/songs by modification date :blush:
Thanks in advance!

kind regards, Alexander


Will do.

Good idea

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Great job Brad! Thank you!

I haven’t been too productive these last few days, but did manage to get this out:

  • The choose song/rack dialogs now support showing the modification dates of files
  • You can sort (click in column header) by name, location or date - ascending or descending
  • The Replace Rack command now uses this dialog instead of the standard file dialog.

Available in 3642 now.




Brilliant! Thank you.