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Dear all,

I have some questions on changing song or state.

  • There are hot keys S and T to change song or state. The have the (delayed) in the description. Changing a song or state this is not typically what you want. I’v found out that changing the song is quick in case the setlist is pre-loaded, however changing state has a delay of a second or so. I cannot find the explanations in the guide, maybe somebody can explain
  • Now I tried out Next part (P I believe), and that changes immediately but it has also the (delayed) tag
  • Next I would like to switch with a foot switch. I found a quite interesting topic here: next state
    that also names the line 6 FBV Express USB MK2 that I intend to buy. As a try I created a binding to the Next page and guess what: it was delayed.
    I’m preparing now a setlist where I have to change very often and really fast, so the second delay is an issue.
    I’d be happy with any advice, before I buy something and be disappointed.


On the hot keys you can edit the command to be instant instead of the default which is (delayed).

Without seeing your binding I’m not sure why it delayed, can you post a screen shot of the binding?



Hi Dave,

my binding is looking like this:

my hot key list is as below, I have no key to next state/part (instant)

Switching by the hot key is clearly faster than switching with the binding.


Hi Joop,

Since it isn’t likely you would use the (delayed) type what I would suggest is that you edit the existing Hotkey for the “S” key and for the “T” key. To do this select the Hotkey you want to edit and double click it or click the edit button at the bottom of the options Window. You should get a pop up box like this.

Use the drop down menu to select the (Instant) type

Click OK

the new assignment is installed

Just do the same thing for the states Hotkey

On the binding I would try using the onscreen keyboard or a keyboard switch to check it out and not use the PC keyboard, I think it adds a layer of work and is slower as a result. Instead try something like this example. (Of course it would use you source)


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Hi Dave,

thanks for the explanation again.

  • today all the state/part changes were slightly delayed, so I may have to do some more exploration to find out what is the cause for this. I purchased the midi switch, so I’ll know soon if that reacts faster. The keyboard is blue-tooth, which maybe part of the issue. Last year I’ve been playing with mainstage on a MacBook using a blue-tooth page turner. That reacted almost immediately.
  • I’m still a bit puzzled why the delay option is there. Can you program the amount of delay?

Hi Dave,

just changed for next stage (delayed), that switches almost immediately where next stage (instant) gives a waiting time.
Now I assigned the hot key right to “Next part or Song (delayed)”, and that will switch at the last stage of the song to the first stage of the next :slightly_smiling_face:.


Hi all,

@Brad: I have the strong impression that the delayed/instant versions of next stage and next part of Song have been exchanged. The delayed version switches immediately and the instant has delay. Maybe something to fix,


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Thanks for reporting this… you’re right the instant/delayed actions are inverted, but on when used via the Hot Keys mapping in Options -> Hot Keys. This will be fixed in the next build.

The instant/delayed modes when used in a binding are working correctly.

To clarify the difference:

  • Instant bindings start the load operation immediately.
  • Delayed bindings show a popup window showing which song will be loaded. The popup appears for a couple of seconds during which you can invoke additional next/previous actions to skip over songs/states without loading the intervening items. After a couple of seconds with no additional delayed loads the song/state is loaded.


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