Newb - Send program change to external synth


I’m just getting started with Cantabile, looking to send my keyboard a program change. It says to create a Binding to do it, and use Song as the source, load as the trigger. I don’t have Song as a choice for a Binding, so has this moved? Thanks!


Hi @vassaux,

Outgoing MIDI bindings like this (aka trigger bindings) are only available in Cantabile Performer. Solo only supports incoming MIDI bindings.



Thanks Brad! Okay, I get that, but now a new problem has arisen. I turned on Cantabile today, and it asked for my license, instead of just starting in Solo. I entered email, got the license key back, entered it. Solo shows up as available, I select it, not the Trial version. I had built part of a song, with a media player, with the space bar toggling playback/pause. No matter what I hit, the file will not play back, curser never moves, no noise. I thought maybe my file had been corrupted, so I quickly made a new media player, loaded the same clip, still won’t play. What am I looking for? Thanks! chris


And that quick, I think I figured it out. The computer had done an update. Apparently, this caused some kind of problem with my TASCAM audio interface. I ran TASCAM control, and everything came back. Did a computer reboot, and the audio was still there. Thanks! cv


Hi @vassaux,

Yep, a Windows update can cause Cantabile to require re-activation. You shouldn’t need to re-enter anything - usually just re-selecting the license will work.

Anyway, glad you got it sorted.