New Webinar Series Proposed (presented by me)

Well, I admit it finally. I suck at making videos. That is, I suck at getting AROUND to making videos! I suck in the same manner that I suck at making multi-track recordings. I just cannot bring myself to do it.

However, a GIG is another thing. I always show up at a gig, and I always give it my best. For some reason, having the audience there expecting something from me in the live setting makes me deliver in a way that I cannot seem to accomplish “time-delayed” as in doing a multi-track or making a video people will ostensibly watch later.

I proved that “gigging” was the solution when I defeated a 10 year musical stagnation streak by doing a full year’s worth of daily live shows in 2017-2018. I stopped doing that (due to a physical injury to my hands coming from old age) and have now enjoyed a two-year stagnation period again as I have tried with great futility to overcome that procrastination (or mental block) issue again without success. Gadzooks! I am such a broken-brain human!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I am going back into the live streaming business. THIS time, I am going to also tackle the “making videos” issue by doing live webinars. I could do them the same way I did my music streams as live streams on YouTube, or do them as Zoom meetings using the “Live Sound” audio and recording them locally as well to edit later on. I have a NewZenler school that includes Zoom where I could also host them. Nothing stopping me from doing it, so I AM!! :slight_smile:

I’m scheduling the first webinar soon - like VERY soon. Really really really soon!

I’d like to hear from folks what they’d like to see webinars about topic-wise. I will include open Q&A sessions (not necessarily on-topic with the webinar topics being welcome). From these, perhaps some videos will become edited and turned into stock for classes at my NewZenler school, but initially, I just want to be DOING them!

Let me know of your topic suggestions below, and days and times that work for you. I was thinking that somewhere around noon EST on staggered days of the week two or three times a week would be fun.

Let me know.



Here is my old mind-map of initial ideas for videos that never came to fruition, but they might make good topics for the webinars.

Cantabile Specific Tutorials - MindMeister Mind Map


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Very glad to see you are making videos again!! You and I talked about Cantabile tutorials some time back, but I TOTALLY understand the time and energy involved. I procrastinate more than anyone I know, and I truly know how much it takes to get started on any project. Kudos to you my friend for even talking about taking this on.

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I think a live stream presentation where people type questions in the chat window would be great. If there are people new to Cantabile on I could help answer.

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Hi Terry,

I’m glad you are feeling better and thinking about this endeavor. I like the MindMap layout and wondered if it would extend to custom rack utility rack creations for lights and faders that some folks (me for sure) are making. Also, ‘how deep will the geek extend’ (I am now officially claiming the phrase ‘how deep will the geek extend’ in case no one else has as my own!). Also, would there be beginner and advanced Webinars? I truly see where it could help a lot of folks who visualize things as a preference to numerous paragraphs of text, like one of my windy posts :laughing:. At any rate I think it has potential for sure. I’ll be following the thread to see how it goes.



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I also proposed sticky notes sometime ago.


Dave - that is a tremendous idea to have two webinars (at least) a week, with one day devoted to beginner stuff and another or two devoted to deep-dive geek zone material.

There is no doubt in my mind that ALL that can be done with racks should be highlighted!!!

I did think that there might be three levels - the free Cantabile Lite which could cover basic basics, the Cantabile Solo feature set, and then the deeper Cantabile Performer stuff. Or perhaps Lite and Solo could be rolled together somewhat, with two levels of Performer explored.

Either way - beware that once you get me hitting the “Go Live” button, it may be difficult to turn me off, so hour-long webinars are likely. (MOTU does an hour-and-a-half on DP twice a week, with about 20 minutes devoted to Q&A each day.)


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That mind-map is editable if anyone wants to add stuff.


I’ll likely be doing them as Zoom calls, and in that case I can unmute people and bring them in with their cam to ask questions along with responding to the chat window stuff.


I am thinking of doing these Mondays and Wednesdays at 12:30 PM EST, and maybe also Sundays. Does that work for everyone who would like to attend? I can do them at a later or earlier time if needs be.

I have decided upon using a format where we spend a few minutes at the beginning covering some basic thing, and then diving into a deeper subject, followed by open Q&A. It will last at least an hour, probably more like an hour and a half. (12:30 to 2). I will slot in space for going overtime. I’m using my Zoom account from within my New Zenler school, so there will be some “registration” requirement, but that way we get in with Zoom over the free version’s 40-minute limit.

Here is a text output of the mind map above so far that lists topics we can cover, so if you have favorites you’d like to see right away, let me know!

Cantabile Specific Tutorials:

Basic stuff for newbies

All about MIDI settings

All about Audio settings

Initial setup - VST Folders

Adding an instrument

All about racks

Creating an Output Processing Rack

Effects often used (compressor, reverb)

States based upon song

Centralized MIDI-controller controlled Volume control

Creating a separate Headphone(s) output rack

Instrument rack

VST2 or VST3 Instrument

Effects often used with that instrument

States as a patch list

Especially useful for hardware synths’ permanent patches stored in ROM, but an instrument can be duplicated having all the patches and edited to reflect the current presets you’ve installed.

Effects racks

One rack per effect

One rack with multi-effects

Racks within racks

States with effects

Embedding racks

Permits Racks within Racks

Example - my processing rack includes a “Reverbs” rack and a “Limiter” rack.

Keeps changes from affecting master saved rack file

Example - an instrument rack that includes an effects rack that you want to be independent of the master file version.

Having Rack States recall embedded track settings

Permits selected presets or states in embedded rack to be saved with the parent rack.

Including Volume in states

Adding Additional Rack Inputs and Outputs

Example: my output processing rack can take inputs that go to the reverb OR bypass the reverb.

Switching to another rack (Load different Rack)

Comparison of Lite, Solo and Performer

Cantabile Lite and up


Providing timing info to plugins

VST Plugins


Create multi-channel ports for multi-channel instruments and effects


When and when not to use Multi-Core Settings

Cantabile Solo and up

Media Players



All about recording

Bindings Overview

Using the recording features of Cantabile to capture multi-track audio recordings of your performances

Extracting recorded instruments to individual stems via Audacity

Capture all MIDI events coming into Cantabile

All about set lists

Advanced MIDI Routing

Channel Mapping

Controller Mapping

Velocity Curves

Keyboard Splits

Transpose Settings


Selecting (and saving) what you want recorded

Embedded Racks

Saved with parent song and cannot be shared across songs

Control just about anything from your MIDI controller

Cantabile Performer Only

Pre-Loaded Set Lists

All about songs

All about Song States

Show Notes

All about Rack States

Racks as Files - Shared Racks

Controller Bar

Ticker Bar

Triggers “on-song-load”

Send Sysex

Send Program Changes

MIDI Reflection

Motorized MIDI Fader example with a Behringer BCF2000

MIDI Clock Synchronization

How to abstract knobs, sliders, pedals and switches

Setting up a checklist for performances and streaming

There is always some tiny detail you forget to do otherwise…

Deep Dives into Bindings


Again, the link to the editable mind-map is here:

Great idea, simple is what I need

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This is amazing Terry!! You be da man!
Quite a big task you are taking on.

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Hi Terry,

Looking forward to it - let me know if I can help in any way.


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Ok, they start this coming Monday at 12:30 PM EST, and will occur every Monday and Wednesday at 12:30 PM EST. On Sundays, I do an open-topic tech webinar at 7 PM EST, and this show will likely feature some episodes devoted to what Cantabile Lite is capable of.

Here is the upcoming topic list. I will post the week’s topics to a separate thread that I will keep updated. Any suggestions for topics, please reply here. I am seeking special guests, so be prepared to be pestered by me.

Using Cantabile to “Go Live” and perform via streaming. (any version)

Using an ASIO audio input and output (hardware or virtual), add VST effects to external audio sources. (any version)

How to get an instrument’s pedal(s)/knobs/sliders or switches to go anywhere or everywhere (Solo and Performer)

Comparing versions of Cantabile – Lite, Solo and Performer

Bringing Vienna Ensemble Pro instruments into Cantabile (any version)

Manually creating drop-down patch lists for VST instruments. (any version)

Native Instruments Reaktor instruments that auto-populate the drop-down patch selectors. (any version)

Making patch drop-down lists for your hardware instruments via States. (Performer)

Create multi-channel audio ports to accommodate multi-channel instruments like Kontakt, Independence, Vienna Ensemble Pro, Syntronik, etc. (all versions)

Create multi-output audio setups to feed headphone amps, front-of-house and monitors with separate mixes. (all versions)

Using Cantabile to record incoming audio (mics, instruments, FX hardware), VST instruments and VST effects. (Solo and Performer)

The transport, the metronome, and sync. (all versions)

Special topic: Using the MIDI media players to control stage lighting and/or video effects. (Solo and Performer) (Likely a Guest Presenter)

On using the media player(s) to provide backing tracks and working from a click track (metronome) (Solo and Performer)


  • A complex song showing off what Cantabile Lite is capable of. (all versions)

  • A complex song showing off what Cantabile Solo is capable of. (Solo and Performer)

  • A complex song showing off what Cantabile Performer is capable of. (Performer only)

Songs (all versions), Set lists (Solo and Performer) and States (Performer) explained, and mentioning the coolness of Pre-Loaded Set Lists.

Basic MIDI routing (all versions)

Advanced MIDI routing via dialogs (Solo and Performer)

Advanced MIDI routing via Bindings – an overview (Performer)

Creating, Saving and Recalling Recording setups for different situations. (Solo and Performer)

Embedded Racks (Solo and Performer) vs Racks as Files, also called “Shared Racks” (Performer) - and reasons for using embedded racks to “nest” a rack inside of another rack.

Using Morph and Randomize to produce good starting points for new patches in any VST synth. (all versions)

Setting up automated recording so you never miss an opportunity or inspiration! (Solo and Performer)

End-of-webinar features showing clever and useful applications of Bindings & Triggers. Examples:

  • Auto-start next song via a Media Player

  • One Controller to Rule Them All

  • Using a button or footswitch to change to next state or next song.

  • And beyond reaching out into the Stratosphere! (Performer)

The many, many uses and tools provided in the Show Notes feature (Performer)

Live Mode feature and its usefulness. (Performer)

Ticker Bar and Controller Bar options (Performer)

Synchronizing Cantabile Performer to an External Clock – and why you might want to do so. (Performer)

Special Guests


Any special requests for topics next week??? :wink:


Just to make sure I don’t miss this - the 12:30 PM is for North Carolina, i.e. EST, right?

Can’t wait for this to start …

Yes, EST North Carolina time! (Just updated above post with that…)

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On my calendar!