New to Cantabile 4 - Tascam US-1641 MIDI Ports not showing up

I’m new to Cantabile 4. Long time vet of Cantabile 2. Tascam US-1641 MIDI Ports are not showing up in Cantabile 4. . . the Audio seems to be working but not the MIDI ports. Is it a 64-bit problem? Or what?

Any help is much appreciated.

Have you created MIDI in/out ports in Cantabile’s options dialogue and assigned the Tascam’s MIDI to them?

Tascam MIDI ports are not showing up, so I can’t assign them.

I just switched the TASCAM back to the laptop with Cantabile 2 on it, and the MIDI ports are working fine.

Any other ideas? Many thanks.

Hi @tullsterx!

Have you checked in Tools->Options->Midi Ports if your hardware “physical” ports have been assigned to a particular MIDI port within Cantabile?
If they are not, you have to create a MIDI port within Cantabile and assign your hardware port to it.
You can get an idea by reading this thread:


Yes. I’ve tried all of that. There IS no option to select Tascam US-1641 MIDI ports.

When looking under Options->MIDI Ports there is no way for me to see the US-1641 MIDI ports.

Nothing wrong with the MIDI ports or audio interface that I’m aware of. They work fine with Cantabile 2.

Just another question. You say that you switch “the TASCAM back to the laptop with Cantabile 2 on it”…does this mean that you are running Cantabile 2 on a different machine than Cantabile 4? In this case, have you checked that the TASCAM is correctly recognized by both machines, in particular by the one with Cantabile4 on it?

Sorry to ask dumb questions, I am just trying to understand better your setup.


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I understand. I reinstalled the driver, now it’s working. When starting with new software, you never know if you’re doing it wrong or what. I just thought there might be a setting in Cantabile 4 that I was missing.


And yes, I’ve been running 2 on my main laptop since 2012, and it’s still great. But my laptop is over 10 years old, still good, but I know that it’ll fail one day.


I am glad you solved your problem!

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