How to use various midi controllers?

I have a korg nanokontrol 2 and a nektar impact 88, i want to be able to use both at the same time but in the input ports you can select one or the other for controlling the racks

somebody can tell me how to do it?

Here’s how I have this setup. Go to Tools -> MIDI Ports and set up Main Keyboard as the Nektar. Create a MIDI Port (you can create as many as you like) called (e.g.) “Control”. Assign the Korg to Control. You do the assigns by clicking on the MIDI port name and then putting a tic in the box. In each song, assign Main Keyboard to the racks you want to use. I suggest you use Bindings for the controls. In each Rack there is a Routing page and a Binding page. Basically, the Routing is for sending Notes to VST. The Bindings page is for setting up controls inside the Rack. Set up the bindings using Control (the Korg) for input, pick your MIDI channel (Omni is fine for now) and the event the Korg will send. The target will be the Volume or some setting inside the rack. You can also use Learn Mode.

Suggest you take a look at the Guides.

thanks for the reply, i forgot to mention that i have also a roland fp 30, and the real problem is i cannot use both nektar and roland at the same time for every rack, in cantabile 2 i didn’t had this problem, all keyboards connected will make sound

Hi reigner,

In C3 to control a rack from either keyboard you can make it that way for all songs in the options by having the default Main Keyboard check=boxes set for both the Nektar and the FP 30. e.g…

If you wanted individual control of each keyboard based on the song you just make another route to the same rack from your source.

depending on your setup in these options the songs would be then be routed accordingly.

here is the Main Keyboard type example, it would trigger the organ rack from either the Nektar or the FP 30 with one route configured in the options.

here is the Individual Keyboards type example, it would trigger the organ rack from either the Nektar or the FP 30 but requires 2 routes, one from each keyboard as configured in the options.

hope this explains it.



many thanks, i can do it now