New Leslie Vst from IK Multimedia


Hey Corky,
FWIW Here’s my Leslie rack with the Mod Wheel with centered brake switch bindings, you’ll probably have to re-load the plugin if there’s trouble with the vst path but the bindings are all there. Bindings should look like this inside the rack.

IK Leslie.cantabileRack (13.2 KB)



@dave_dore. Excellent work on this rack. Works like a charm. Copied the bindings into my existing rack and voila’. Exact dead center stop. I would encourage others who are using the IK Leslie to give this a go. :+1: :+1:


Thanks again Dave. Binding works great. Incorporating it into my existing rack I am working on.


Hey Corky,

Good to see you stirring around. I am really enjoying VB3 II and IK Leslie, Thanks for the nudge :wink: I could have spent the jing on way less fun!





Pretty impressive growl when cranked but I like the lighter 11 to 12 position on the gain control for a lot of what I play now, it growls nicely down there for me! Thanks for the video @Corky !



It does sound pretty darn good on headphones, so hopefully awesome through a PA!

So is the general consensus that VB3 II and the IK Leslie is the dogs whotsits when it comes to the pinnacle of a modelled virtual rock organ?

My organ interest is Rick Wright type classic Darkside Hammond, which I have never fully gotten with my Hammond options. I was close to his live PULSE sound on some songs, but not all, and there is something about the studio sound on some tracks that i could never quite get. And, as Fred has mentioned, there is something about the early Tony Kaye Yes Album sound as well, which I really like.

At the moment my current projects do not require an organ sound, but I might be starting something soon that will, so it will be time to re-evaluate my organ sounds and options! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’d say so…


Hey @Corky or anyone else I have a question, was the Hammond XK going in flat no drive and all the drive growl was from Amplitude Leslie? Was there any other overdrive added before the leslie? I had to combine drive from VB3 II with the leslie to get the same kind of sound.


Hi Dave,

From what I got out of the video, the growl was coming from the “Amplitube” Leslie amp, as they were turning the knobs on it, but I am thinking the SK-2 might have been involved in that sound. It was a pretty decent growl, but not hearing that in T-Racks version. I am thinking about upgrading my Amplitube anyway, and will add the Leslie so I can test it as well. I might send a message to Paul and see where the growl originated.


Thanks Corky, it got me wondering so glad you noticed it too. I have T- racks version.


I asked Paul about it, hopefully he will respond. He says, in the video, the 6550 tubes are responsible for the “growl” of the Leslie. I am away from my rig for a couple of days (same personal problems still lingering), but intend to add Amplitube Leslie as I mentioned above when I return home. Really hope it is the Amplitube.


I remember in playing around with IK that some of the Leslie amp models don’t really growl. If memory serves the 122A overdrives the most, where the 122 was pretty clean and the 147 in between (of the 3 classic models). Different combos of amp and cabinet make a huge difference.


That they do!! I was switching amps, and cabinets around and starting to get some cool things. I am also going to apply Paul’s info into T-Racks Leslie and see where it goes. AND I was planning to try my Peavey Revalver sim with IK, since I can change tubes in the amps.


Using a seperate amp I think will sound the best- once I nail down the right one! BIAS is sounding very good.


Love Bias…BUT…Load is too much on computer. I had to stop using it.


It can be a hog! Luckily I pretty much use it by itself. Scuffham S-Gear also has a really nice smooth drive I’d like to try out.




I have one of my laptops with me, no controllers, so am using screen keyboard and using laptop letter keys as controller…so I am somewhat limited. This is what I have discovered within the last hour.

On the 122 model amp section, crank the gain, input hpf, and the horn/drum volumes on right side to a bearable level. NOW, start adding mid…an ah ha moment should occur. BUT, it gets better.


Go to 3300W model and select “A Little Beauty” preset, as in the video. Look at the amp settings now. Tube mode and Tube drive is now available. As you see, I cranked tube drive and mode 100%…just experimenting. Test it…see what you think…then, change cab type(on right) to “122”. Whoa ! The door is starting to open. Again the “mid” control really brings it out.

It is not perfect, and may never be, but getting closer. Gonna keep working on it awhile.

EDIT: Been zeroing in a little…Tube Drive=1 o’clock, Tube Mode=2 o’clock, Mid=2 o’clock positions. Starting to get a feel for it.


Interesting! I never noticed that setting on the 3300. In fact I’ve avoided the 3300 because it seemed so clean. I’ll play with that…



As in the 2nd half of video, use 122 amp, 147 cab, turn gain, volume, and mid past 1 o’clock…then experiment with more or less of each. Might be able to get close to what you want. Like I said, the door is starting to open…at least for me.