New Feature: Per-song Tempo and Transpose Overrides


Cantabile build 3624 (available now) introduces the ability to set per-song tempo and transpose overrides in the set list. To set these, right click on the song and choose “Edit Song” and you’ll get this:


Some notes about how this works:

  • Setting an override will set the associated setting in the song when the song is loaded via the set list. Loading the song by using File Open will not apply the set list override.
  • When an override is applied, the associated state behaviour for that item is turned off - so you can’t have per-state tempo/transpose if an override is set in the set list.
  • After applying a tempo or transpose override the song will be set back to not-modified if it wasn’t modified before the override was applied.
  • Changing the per-song overrides for the current song will also immediately apply those overrides to the current song.


  • The overrides (if set) are shown in the set list side panel (see image 1 below)
  • The overrides can be shown in the set list grid (right click -> Adjust Grid Layout) (see image 2 below)
  • This is only available in Cantabile Performer
  • The printable set list will show overrides

As always, feedback welcome.



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Thank you thank you thank you! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Makes my musical life so much easier, I play in several bands the same songs, but mostly transposed or other tempo.
Until now I had to make multiple versions of a song, which means when you edit racks etc they are not in sync.
For the transpose I had to manually add a note: this band +2 that band -1.
This function makes it all less complicated.
Love it ! :slight_smile:


There’s still a bug in it, the orig and edited file doesn’t change tempos anymore after altering. I’ll send you a vid.


Hey Sven,

I can’t reproduce any problems here, replied to your email.



Problem is that:

  • it does not reset, when switching back to the original song, it stays in the altered state

  • you cannot trigger different media files under different keys. the musical sync works, but now ALL bindings (under different keyboard keys) start to play at once.
    So you cannot add different midi files under different keys.
    Maybe take the function of a daw, the master tempo is the tempo for ALL midi running. And add the option to make it fixed in the options of the media player file?

  • loop function doesn’t work either this way.
    I tried fixing it by making my midi file loops longer


That’s by design, but I’m considering changing it.

These are known behaviours of the media file sync option - something that will be revisited in the future.


I hope you consider Brad, to me the function is rather unuseful this way.