New Bass Guitar Plugin from Waves


Hi All,

A new one, not a emu but a sampled instrument with a large sample library … demos sound great to me.



Thanks Dave looks nice! -Now if only someone would create one for iOS! Apart from iFretless I mean. It’s too difficult to work with from an external controller P/O/V


As somebody who bemoaned the demise of Steinberg Virtual Bass, i thought I would add to this thread that the original developers, Wizzoo, moved on and created UJAM Virtual instruments. Well worth checking out if you want a virtual bass module. I also love the Scarbee Ricky and Spectrasonics Trillian, so think I am well covered in the low end. :slight_smile:


+1 for ujam - good gear!


I was really pleased when I saw they were carrying the concept on. For my studio solo projects having a VST that can provide credible bass parts can be a huge creativity boost. Like wise drums. I used to use the original Groove Agent until it was also discontinued. But for drums I have made the jump to BFD3, which sounds far better.


Also worth looking at: IK Multimedia MODO BASS - very tasty, and also pretty easy to use. I have all the usual candidates (Scarbee range, Trillian, Broomstick Bass), but currently the MODO gets most use.




Not one I had heard of, but looks pretty good. Plenty of choice for sure!


Been using it for some time. It is my goto when needed.


I actually sold mine off after purchase - tbh I thouight it was a bit over rated compared to my other ones. Good? Yes, certainly. Just, imo, not good value for $'s


I also still use the Scarbee basses still, and Trillian for stuff not real up in a mix. I tried MODO and frankly just couldn’t dig it, don’t know why. And for anything rock the new update to Prominey SR5 sounds AMAZING. I have a Geddy Lee sound dialed in that would blow your socks off.


I love the Prominy. Like I said, I use the MODO as a goto when I need it, which is hardly ever, and in a live situation because it is easy to throw it in, when I need it in a pinch. If I need a Bass for recording, I’ll play the real thing and not mess with a key version. :wink:


Prominy is not one I have heard of. Would struggle to get the 26GB downloaded on by “slug band” before the sun turns into a cold dark lump of coal, mind :wink: . But if you have a sock blowing Geddy Lee sound, then I am interested. That man is in my top three of bass players!


I made a couple little demos of some Rush-style riffs because I was messing with guitar tones, I’ll find one :slight_smile:


Not only Geddy Lee, but Chris Squire, Les Claypool, Flea…


Hey Corky,

I too use the MODO bass but quite a lot due to our band configuration. The lead singer/guitarist of the group was a bass meister exclusively for many years and he is impressed by the fact that the bass parts are sonically so consistent. He said playing live in various conditions had an effect on his axe and made it difficult to guarantee that consistency. As a bassist playing live in the past or present did you notice anything similar?



Here’s one of the little files I did with the guitar turned off so you can really hear SR5:


I’ve been working my way through exercises in Eddie Landsberg’s “Hammond Bass Lines Demystified”. I have the VB3 setting that doubles the first 25 notes with the pedals. This effort got me thinking that I could put my bass down for some tunes and play left hand bass, leaving right hand for Rhodes parts.

This thread is timely because I was leaning towards MODO but will now check out Prominy SR5. I’ve tried all the well known free VST’s like ABPL II, the SampleTank 3 finger style bass and some other less well known ones. I’m after a plain vanilla Precision bass finger style a la James Jamerson or Carol Kay.


In one band I’m currently covering Bass on left hand and Rhodes, Acoustic piano, Hammond and Vox organs, Brass sections, String sections, Orchestra and rhythm guitar on the right hand. I use both foot switches that are continuous control (can be used like a expression pedal) and the expression pedal to cross fade, add layers and switch between sounds during each song. I formerly only used bass vst’s for recording my home brew creations but have really expanded it into a live alternative. To be honest though, I LOVE watching a real bass guitar being played on a stage, it’s so active and moving whereas I am seated playing and I don’t even know if some people out there even know where the bass is coming from. :smile: It’s like Manzarek all the time!



I will try to give you the best educated answer I have. Yes and No.
Any real instrument of any kind responds differently to atmospheric conditions for sure. It is very noticable in string instruments. Wooden necks expand and shrink. The strings also respond to temperature and the force from your fingers. For me playing bass has always been sonically inconsistent. I can be playing in one song, begin another and hear the tone changing and tuning stray, usually most prominent on the A string. Guitars can be a constant pain, but they are somewhat controlled, and not as noticeable when using effects. I hear this on older recordings before autotune.
The heat from hands and fingers also adds to the changes. I think most people do not notice the changes. I do. If I play a piano note, in the lower or higher register, and hold it till if fades away, I will hear the note slowly go sharp. Same with Bass and guitar. I also hear it in sampled pianos. It drives me nuts…even more than I already am. :crazy_face:
I hear the inconsistency with other Bass players I play with now, or in the past. An outside gig in cold, or unbearably hot conditions wreaks havoc for guitars, and I have seen both guitarists and bassists deal with those inconsistencies all my life. It was definitely worse in the earlier years. Basses and Guitars have “modernized” and are more resistant now days, but it still happens.
Hope I answered what you were asking. I truly sympathize with others that hear the inconsistency. It’s somewhat like perfect pitch people…it will drive you looney.


Hey Corky,

Can’t thank you enough for the reply, it fleshes out my understanding of the issue in a big way! Thank goodness I’m not the only looney! :crazy_face: