New Bass Guitar Plugin from Waves


You are welcome, but I knew most of us here are looney in our own particular way. Especially that Fred guy. :grin:

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Modo will probably be more playable live and have more flexibility in tone. With Prominy you almost have to play two handed and operate key switches. I don’t know if it would work well as a left hand bass. It might with the right articulation.


One of the biggest factors in inconsistent sound in bass and guitars (to me) is the change you will often get changing strings due to how the pickups are set up and the string gauge. Although on a decent instrument that shouldn’t be so bad. A lot of vsts recreate that but only if you want it.


It is really difficult to emulate a bass on keyboard. MODO gives me the tone, but hard to duplicate passages and licks on the keyboard, at least the way I play bass. It can get close with hours of practice…but I really don’t want to learn another keyboard emu with essential switches at this time. Manzarek did it very well, but many of their recordings had a real bass on them. When my 3-piece Bassist starts playing bass and keyboard at the same time, and I switch from keyboard to guitar, many people wonder how we create that sound with 3 people.


Hi, Fred

Thanks for sharing. Currently only listening on iPAD whilst sunning myself in the Mediterranean (the one week in a year where I sit still doing nothing - just), but that sounds great.

Will check out better at full blast when I get home.



I said Lee was in my top three. Squire would then have to be in there, and my top three wildcard who I rarely see mentioned in “fav lists” is Mike Rutherford from Genesis. He is so underrated, but listen closely to what he is doing on the classic Genesis albums.

After that, Tony Levin has to be in the list, Pete Trewavas from Marillion (esp in Transatlantic), and to pick a more modern player then Nick Beggs, who has more than repented in the world of prog for giving us Kajagoogoo in the 80s (but go back and listen to those bass lines…)

From the pop world, I am always wowed by Bernard Edwards from Chic and John Taylor from Duran Duran. It was the bass riff in Rio that opened my eyes to the fact that they were something more than a pretty boy teeny pop band…

So many great players out there, those are some of mine. :slight_smile:


Lots of great information here, and I now know about a few more bass modules to check out some time.

My “use case” is that I don’t want to play bass live, but I want bass and drums in a solo studio environment for coming up with song ideas. Bass and drums may or may not get replaced with real players later depending on what happens with taking the ideas forward.

For some projects maybe not, as the music scene where I am is pretty quiet and a small duo format (keys and guitar) playing to backing tracks (using Cantabile of course :slight_smile: ) probably fits best.

I found virtual bass and drums a huge aid when composing, as if I am just composing with keys, I tend to gravitate to pad heavy compositions. A bit of rhythm behind you can take you to a totally different place. :slight_smile:


I just jump from instrument to instrument when I want to lay down tracks - like this guy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I wish


Exactly the same here - I love the simplicity of sketching out arrangements on keys and guitar. My bass skills are close to non-existent, so hammering things out on my keys is just quicker - and good enough that our bassist understands where I’m heading and then adds his bass flavor to my sketch when we put everything together.




@dsteinschneider - very impressed. That guy has way too much talent that should be allowed for one person. He is covering three virtuosos!

Keys, and some guitar for me, and I like to think I have a good ear for structure, harmony and melody! Bass and Drums virtual friends or real ones as the case may be :slight_smile:


@torsten that’s me, but thought I’d clarify my interest is in self playing bass modules, where you feed the chords in and manipulate the styles/fills. I have “played” bass on a few tracks where it is simple and/or I know what.


His name is Tyler Warren - he’s the drummer for Queen Extravaganza which was created by Roger Taylor.


Have you looked at Band in a Box? Always a good source of inspiration: just type in the chords and let it generate (pretty good) drums, bass and whatever (not MIDI, but audio phrases played by professionals). Keep what you like, play the rest…

I often use BIAB when exploring new styles - gives good insight into typical phrasing, and it’s easy to generate some basic jam tracks to get into the general feeling.




Hi, Torsten.

No. It’s something I have been aware of but have never tried out - can’t really say why. Something else to add to the list, but my main interest is bass modules as I can play keyboards and guitar (with little threat to a decent guitar player!). Drums are very well covered by BFD3, a rather large library of drums and grooves, so bass is my main interest.

This thread has certainly given plenty of food for thought. :slight_smile:


So anyway, blah blah blah :stuck_out_tongue: The Waves thing is currently $25, anyone actually tried it?


Sorry :wink:

Not me, as it is not what I am looking for. The bass modules I am after are more “UJAMS like” where you can feed them a chord sequence and they will play the bass according to the pattern and articulations you select in addition to the chords.

I have listened to the demos, and it sounds interesting, but I am also probably well covered for “finger only bass” via other things I already have (Trillian and Scarbee Rickee).

For $25 it’s a bargain for somebody looking for a bass module. I’d sure take a punt on that if I had nothing else. :slight_smile:


Yeah, to me it sounds like the older Scarbee basses, but maybe not quite as good- hard to tell. That price is nice though, while it lasts.


The concepts they cover are pretty simple (at least to a bass player) but they cover the concept that position on the neck is important. They also cover how velocity relates to “digging in” when plucking.


Now take that concept and play a full song. Key switching hell for sure. I get why anyone would want to do this, but the time invested, not only in learning the program, and studying bass techniques would seriously dampen one’s spirit for sure. The other problem would be most keyboardists would want to play key sounds in conjunction with the bass, thus the need for 2 hands, 2 feet, and extras…just in case. Hire a bass player and move on. :grin:
Of course, I will try this like everything else I get my hands on, but still would prefer playing the real thing…I’ve already invested the years of practice on it, and at my age, hours are precious. :wink:


That’s why I want my virtual basses to be able to play themselves based on the chords I feed in. :slight_smile: