Nanokontrol 2 problem

Hi, i’ve setted the buttons of the nanokontrol 2 to the toggle mode (when they illuminate at on/off) but when i automate some button in cantabile i have to press the button 2 times for enabling it and 2 times for disabling it, i don’t have this problem in my daw

in the korg kontrol editor i tried to change the value of the on and off setting to both at 127 and 0/127 but doesn’t change anything

and also tried to start the nanokontrol with the cc mode and daw mode but works even worst

Hi reigner,

It sounds like you might need to set the source of the bindings in C3 to ‘Controller (Switch)’

With a toggle input this still switches the rack on and off with one press …


thanks! do you know how to do it in cantabile 2 also? because i use both

Sorry reigner, I’m not up to speed on Cantabile 2 but I think @humphrey or @brad could hopefully point you right way…