Mpk261 controller comparison


I, as Dave, also like the mic cable and the rig. I also like the chick in between the two guys by the tv. What’s her name? :sunglasses:

Oh, and the controller too.


Red is my favorite color. The guys got it for me because I always wear a red shirt to practice.


That’s, actually not a chic (nah! I’m just playin’). This party got crazy. This event planner’s wife arranged a couple of young (adult) females dressed in french maids outfits to come in and dance nasty lifting up their skirts and grinding with each other, to our music. They were only supposed to mingle flirtatiously with attendees. These pictures were before we started. All I could think was, “After years of playing for church, this is what I have come to?”

Then there was a lock down because there was an alcohol driven fight outside and someone called the police as it was said that one of them had a gun. The police helicopter came out. This was last night. It was crazy.

How did such a respectable (country club) party go so south? It was fun but we were stuck there until 1am when the lock down was cleared. We are not young, and our “play til 2am” days are over. Tomorrow night is another Country Club, but they have infinitely more etiquette, and are not a bunch of gun wielding cowboys.

I LOVE the drawbar control and the IKmm Leslie. That is what playing a Hammond is all about. My God, what a difference! Even the singer’s wife said, “Hey, did you add a new sound or something, because the keys sounded great!”


Very cool John.

Are you sure you were not in Memphis? That is a normal Tuesday night here.

BTW…what program is on your laptop screen? Looks familiar but can’t make it out. A DAW?


I’m going to buy myself red mic cable


Its Ableton Live Suite. I launch our backing tracks with the mpk, and C3 is running behind it. 2 audio interfaces to accomplish this.

It was a country music gig, and I’m not a fan of country.

Back to classic hits tonight.


Hey! Yeah! It would look nice with your Nord!


For a long time, I had an assortment of different colored midi cables and instrument cables. I can’t seem to find the colored midi cables around here anymore (and I only bring one hardware keyboard now anyway since switching to vsts).

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MPK 249, 261 and even 225 users may find this newest abstracted-controllers rack for the MPK series interesting: C3 Community Racks Exchange

All the controllers (except pads and pedals) have been abstracted for free assignment across several instruments. Easy to edit and make changes to. Enjoy!