Mpk261 controller comparison

Is there any controller as diverse, good quality and stable as this? Mine is getting old and I am looking to replace with a new controller that may be comparable.
Mpk261 has:
For each of the 30 presets
4 banks of 16 drum pads (=64) per preset
3 banks of 8 knobs, 8 buttons and 8 faders (=24) per preset
2 switch foot controller and 1 continuous
1 - 5 pin din in and 1out din
All controls individually assignable to any port, any cc#
Simultaneous din to usb and usb to din config
61 keys with mod wheel and pitch band
There are other features that I don’t use much.

Any thoughts?
I fully use all features I listed
I have traveled and played much, mod wheel is getting flakey and my guitarist noticed a slight sag from being on a rack, sometimes playing on stages that were up to 100 degrees hot.


I have the MPK249. What a fantastic device!

I suggest you simply buy ANOTHER ONE!!! :wink:


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Take a look at Novation Sl Mk 2.
This one has a little bit lighter keybed action, 8 drumpads instead of 16

ps using mine over 5yrs. there was some display light and drumpad fixable issues

Kind regards


I have been looking for something comparable. I think I am going to do as you said. I like the 61 version of the MPK2 series. I was hoping that somehow a company would come out with a comparable device that was as versatile. So far, nothing compares.

And, even though I’m not a “finger drummer”, the pads are the most amazingly responsive things! I’ve made up excuses to use them instead of or to supplement keys - it is like having another tiny keyboard on deck right there handy!


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Thanks Alexander. I am checking it out.

I just fixed my Mod Wheel problem. The Akai parts person was stuck on the wrong part. I am still emailing him to physically show him what I am talking about. Here is the part(s) I need.

Here is what the Akai parts guy has been suggesting since October 2017. Ummm…no. That’s not the same PCB my friend. My God! How much clearer do I have to be?!!

Are you trying to replace the whole mod wheel assembly or just the PCBA? The board he’s showing you has detachable pieces that look like the same board on your mod wheel assembly. You’re just seeing it from the other side.

Thanks for the response. I looked at the part of the keyboard where the faders, knobs and buttons are (like you are mentioning) because I figured maybe the pots that are on that board have to do with something just to the left of the faders, but it doesn’t line up. I am wondering if he is looking at MPK225 parts. What I need is the mod wheel pot/board (small) and possibly the front left PCB since the mod wheel was sending data without being touched. Forums indicated changing out the Mod wheel or front left PCB. I have been (like you) trying to fit this in my keyboard in my mind, but it doesn’t add up and the part is $125, so I don’t want to take the plunge unless I know it fits.

Thanks, again, for responding.

The Akai tech and I are going to talk via phone on Monday.

No worries. However, I do think the small breakaway boards in Robet’s pic look pretty much identical to the one on the mod wheel assembly in your pic. Designing PCBAs like that is what I do for a living.

I am going to talk to him tomorrow. It may be that my view of the board is one side up, and the other view from him is the other side up. I have already sealed the keyboard. So I will see on this. Thanks for the input.

Thanks everyone for the input. I am happy to say that my MPK261 will rise again (even though my guitarist noticed that it was curved/sagging in the middle just a little bit. Maybe Viagra needed here?). I love this machine. Turns out that all I needed to do was send pictures of the parts I needed. Bobby from parts immediately knew what I needed. Parts are on the way, and crowds are gathering for our next performance (maybe not, but in my head they are).

Again, thanks. I am going to check out the Novation controller. It looked very cool. Versatility in programming is the question. If it is as versatile, it is a contender.

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The Novation Zero SL MkII Zero looks pretty phat.

Well, you’d have to find one on clearance or used at this point, I guess. Sweetwater and Guitar Center each no longer have the item.

Besides - Gear Acquisition Syndrome is a real thing, and you are making me come down with a fresh relapse of it by even talking like this! :slight_smile:


That is funny! I have that syndrome.

How we do suffer for our art! :wink:


True story,

Photos of a very clean MPK261 on ebay prompted me to bid and win for about $200 including shipping. I broke my ebay rule numero uno - don’t buy from someone with no track record. The ebay account was 4 years old but no transactions. I sent the pay pal payment and checked my email every day to see it had been shipped. After a week of radio silence and no keyboard I started the refund process with ebay. While I was waiting for that (was refunded) I did a search on the guy’s name and found out he was in jail!


Thanks for the warning and the feedback about the temptation to take that risk!!

Actually I wouldn’t give up on finding one used. If you can find one that was used in a home studio it should be in pretty good shape. I think you can tell from the photos. After you search for mpk261 you can save the search and then set up a notification for when a listing is created with that character string. Then if you see a little old lady selling one in mint condition place a bid or do a buy now. I use Auction Defender.