Moving folders for racks, songs,... (solved)

Hi community,

atm I’m sitting in front of my laptop and try to get my head around an obvious simple problem: some weeks ago I did some clean up on my ssds and in consequence I created a folder with new cantabile folders inside to carry songs, racks, setlists,… to have everything nicely in place. I copied the files from the older folders to there, pointed cantabile to the file locations (Tools/Options…) and everything seemed to work fine.

Yesterday I tried to copy those files to a second machine (hot standby attempt) and found that nothing was fine. What I hadn’t noticed: cantabile completely ignored the new folders and so all updates of racks, songs, etc. were still stored inside the old folders.

This is not a dramatic problem as everything is still available and backups are done but I still don’t understand how folder content can be moved. This is also important as next step would be a synchronisation via dropbox.

Could anybody please enlighten me?

Thanks and kind regards, humphrey

Hi Volker,

You need to maintain directory structure or the paths break. Open 2 explorers One pointed at the Cantabile folder structure on the machine you wish to copy to. Open the other to your back up folders you made, the directory structure won’t recognize these folders so you should set you paths back to default in options …

… and then copy the backup files only to the correct directories in the Documents>Cantabile folder until all are in the right place (Songs to root, racks to Racks etc). The way I back up is pretty straight forward. I just copy the whole Cantabile Folder from My Documents each time I backup. I maintain the same directory structure on both my laptops so passing back and forth is as simple as copy all over every-time. I don’t use cloud syncing but I know there are many who use cloud sync who will hopefully chime in.



Hi Dave,

thanks a lot for your response. I’ll definitly check tonight and report results.

Kind regards, Volker

Hi Dave,

after reading carefully through your response I think I understand the problem I have:

the main aspect seems to be that I need to maintain directory structure. In my case this structure is - hm - lets say a bit “complex” or in other words: I wasn’t too carful with my racks and they are scattered over 3 different folders. This exactly is the main reason for the cleanup as I meanwhile get duplicates of the same racks in my setlist. So there is no way to maintain directory if I want to get rid of this.

As far as I understand I have to go the hard route which means: one folder for all racks, copy all racks I need in all songs into this folder (and leaving the duplicates away of course), open every song and substitute every rack in each song by the corresponding one in the new rack folder. After this is done I’m pretty sure also the transfer to another machine will work.

O.k. a longer night full of c3 work is waiting. Keep fingers crossed and thanks again,


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After concentrating rack-files into one folder and rack-, song-, setlist-folders into one wrapping folder this could be moved to wherever I wanted to (of course the pointers inside cantabile had to be adapted).

This way also drop-box was a task of minutes and works like a charm now.

Kind regards, Volker :rofl:


Hi @dave_dore @brad

I think this is not the solution to the issue. @humphrey here is saying that after updating the folder locations in Cantabile’s options, it still keeps working on the old folders for the old projects. This is the problem that I’ve found today as well.

Now, I cannot re-assign the new path for hundreds of songs and racks. I’ve posted my question here:

Please, let me know, thank you.