Mouse scroll wheel question

I am finding I am accidentally changing my plugin settings in Cantabile by using the center mouse wheel to scroll in the main display pane quite a bit. Is there a way to disable or prevent the center wheel from changing things like Media Player Speed/Pan/Fade, Rack/Media Player Gain, Route Gain etc? I have been working on songs where I’m not aware the center mouse scroll wheel (while just scrolling down in the main Cantabile routing page) is changing values on gain and speed and other stuff, and end up saving the song and being confused trying to find the issue. I think this would be helpful to have some setting to enable/disable the center wheel from changing volumes and such. I searched some and didn’t find what I was looking for, hopefully I’m not double posting something. Thanks.

Hey Zorkiii,

Try this, if a Windows install:


it looks like just what you need after setting it up .


Thanks dave_dore, I can see how that could be used to resolve the issue. But I am wondering though, am I the only one running into this issue? If I use the center wheel to scroll down in the main Cantabile routing page and run into a gain control or something else in my mouse path, the screen stops scrolling and I am then changing the value of that specific thing (usually a volume or something). Maybe I just need to buy a different mouse minus a scroll button or something… I did notice that the center wheel did not affect volume controls in Cantabile 2, maybe I am just expecting that it shouldn’t happen based on prior experiences. At any rate, just thought I would mention it in case there was a setting for it that I was missing.

Hi @zorkiii

You’re not the only one hitting this issue and it’s been raised before. A fix is going to be included as part of a bigger update in the next couple of weeks. Here’s the task for it.


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