Modulation wheel

Hi all, can anyone tell me how to get my Modulation Wheel to work in C3 on my M-Audio Code61 ?, my Pitch bend works fine but no Mod Wheel,

Thanks, Steve


looking into the m-audio manual it seems that cc0 is bound to modwheel. This is abit odd as most keyboards adress cc1 here. To clearify you could do:

  1. Load a vsti into cantabile and map it to m-audio
  2. Start midi monitor for the vsti input
  3. Move modulation wheel and see if really cc0 is send. If this is true you can do several things alternatively:

A) Use the m-audio parametrization software to map wheel to cc1 (my recommandation)

B) Add a midi filter type „controller mapping“ to the virtual midi port which is receiving m-audio controller information and transform cc0 to cc1

C) Use same midi filter as in B) and add it to a routing or to the vst (not recommanded as this would be necessary for every song/state)

Please keep in mind that even if you map wheel to cc1 there is no garanty for the function you expect as it is a decision of the manufacturer of the vsti which cc will address an internal function. Probably a look into the vsti manual is necessary additionally.

Good luck, humphrey


Hi Humphrey, thanks for that, went in the M-Audio editor and changed CC to 1 and it worked :slight_smile:

Glad you got it sorted.:sunglasses:

Regards, humphrey