Mini Moog plugin Opinions


Hi All,

Just another topic on vst choices and other helpful trivia … After an extended search (demos) on mini moog I settled on Synapse Legend. It’s a newer modeled design and it has something special in it’s filters and is nice to the cpu. Anyway have at it if you’re interested.



Sweet! Haven’t heard of this one yet. As detailed in another thread I swore by Arturia for a long time but right now based on sound alone I like Diva (from u-He). NOT cpu friendly though lol.


Hey Fred,

I saw a couple of shootout type vids on youtube vs diva and real model d.



Dave, by coincidence, I was looking at the Legend 2 days ago. Must say, I am tempted to take the plunge on it.


Hey Corky,

It has some interesting features, and is a good emulation of Model D MiniMoog but doesn’t have the extra things under the hood like Diva (which can do other vintage synths I understand) but in the side by side match up with the hardware and Diva it did very well. It has no dedicated lfo just like the original so some might miss that but I think the creators were trying to stay close to the original and concentrated on the sonics, the filters, to get it as close as they could. The coding/modeling is newer and has garnered the praise of the folks at u-he who make Diva and other great soft synths. Oh and the built in effects are great as well. It does 4 voice poly as well and using multiple instances and zones in Cantabile you could build a monster polymoog style synth. I also enjoy the sound of Sonic Projects OPXPROII for that Oberheim sound. I am so far really liking this plugin, the stuff just gets better all the time.



Monster MEMORYMOOG style synth!
I watched the comparison video on their website. Pretty incredible. If it’s easier on the cpu than Diva it sure could be worth adding to the arsenal.

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Hey Dave

Adrian Lee and Neil Durant turned me on to Diva several weeks ago. I really like it but haven’t spent enough time under the hood yet! So…before I take another plunge, I guess I had better go deeper into Diva.

Like this very much !


Hi All,

Have had a chance to play with this Legend plugin some more and I am in mini moog heaven! When the first mini’s came out in early seventies I was living in Canada and a female musician got one of the very early ones. I would beg for chances to visit her house and play with that new and wonderful thing, it drifted out of tune regularly but was wonderfully buzzy and warm and as often as she would allow me to play with it I would take the offer (I say play “with it” because often I would just make effects patches with it using the modulation and noise). This plugin has a really good approximation including the drift, the fatness and the warmth. The Arturia sounds bland next to it especially in the filter area in my opinion and I liked their miniV. Through the PA the low has all the power and punch of a real analog device. I know it’s not the real thing but it is very very close.



I quite like Minimonsta for Minimoog style sounds. I have a Moog Voyager and Minimonsta stands up very well next to it (not sure how it would compare to an original Model D).



The Monsta does seem to have more bite than the Arturia. It still kind of pales next to actual recordings of my real Mini (I sold it about 10 years ago) but live I don’t think it would make any real difference. Diva definitely has a fatness that I don’t think either GForce or Arturia get though. And of course Repro-1 has a different inherent sound but damn, it shreds. I downloaded the Legend demo and haven’t had time to load it up yet!


I must say I am becoming a huge fan of UH-E soft synths. I started with Zebra as a Christmas pressie last year, then had to get DIVA and both sound awesome. Hive was next, and now REPRO-1 is sorely tempting me.

I have other GForce products, so hope Mini-Monster will be as great as those (MTRON PRO, VSM, Oddity and Imposcar).

My opinion on soft synths is that I am getting them to get the character of the classic synths at a bargain price with none of the maintenance overhead, silly prices or the space needed to keep them as I have no more room in my studio. Sure they are not (yet) 100% facsimiles, but they are getting pretty close these days, and if they sound good who cares if they are not 100%. Of course, if I was a millionaire, I’d have a collection and storage area like Jarre’s along with a keyboard tech to keep it all working! :slight_smile:



I’m very happy with DIVA and have used it for all sorts of vintage sounds. It was my go-to VSTi for Minimoog sounds until I sold my car to buy a Voyager.
I have a few Roland vintage synths here too and DIVA does a pretty convincing job of emulating the Roland filters.
Of course DIVA is much more than just a Roland or Moog emulation synth and I use it for heaps of other sounds. It is great when I want polyphonic Moog sounds too.


Have you heard the Director’s Cut soundset for DIVA?

Pretty darn fine CS80 emulation as well! Instant Vangelis ala Bladerunner. This had me instantly reaching for the credit card.



Huh, not bad! At the end of the day though for that sort of thing I still think I’d reach for the Arturia CS-80V…


Damn you all with your Diva temptations! I finally succumbed and purchased and am now afloat in a sea of analog dejavu! :wink:


She’s quite a demanding warbler, but, damn, she sounds good!

You might be a sucker as well then for Zebra (esp the Hans Zimmer inspired Dark Edition) and Repro-1 ( in my post above I was still resisting temptation, but I succumbed…).

UH-E gives me terrible G.A.S.!


on the Repro front I am waiting for the 5 voice!!!



That would be sweet. Do you know if they are planning on that?

It is unusual to model a mono synth without giving it poly capabilities, but maybe it is a performance issue why they have kept it as a mono?