Mini Moog plugin Opinions


You could always just open up 5 instances… does Cantabile have any kind of voice allocation that would work with that?


Not that I’m aware of , you would have to have a midi input scanner routine to re-allocate the key inputs to the different instances of repro on different midi channels I would guess. I also understand from the thread over there that the sequencer was removed from the original repro circuits because the poly nature of circuit was different.



That has the GAS bubbling again! I wonder how it compares to Arturia Prophet V (which is also a VS emulation)

Hopefully they’ll give a discount to REPRO-1 owners.


Piz’s midiPolyphony should get you where you need to be? It did for me, but quite a bit of work managing the presets. I went back to Diva, but it was an interesting place.
Btw, isn’t Repro 5 going to be 8 voice?


Be nice if it was but u-He seems to be a bit pedantic when it comes to emulations in that regard… The fact they are naming it Repro-5 and not Repro-8 seems to indicate they are replicating the Prophet-5 down to the number of voices. Hopefully not!


Hmmm, not sure:


And there’s this:


Thinking about it… with the new copy/paste program features. managing patches across multiple instances would be much more pleasant.


OK, 8 voices, he said it :wink: Good! 5 doesn’t cut it. In my memory the Prophet 5 never had nearly the bite of the Pro-One. I sort of hope they don’t do a faithful P5 (Arturia’s sounds pretty good) and stick closer to a poly Pro-1 on steroids that cuts glass. From space.

Edit- after seeing the video, nothing to worry about :smiley:


Cool. Will check those videos out when I get five minutes. Been having loads of fun with DIVA and REPRO-1 last night with their self oscillating filters. I’ve never really had a synth capable of doing that, and never really saw the point, until I was doing research on recreating “space rock” sound effects, and found that the ones I am after are based on oscillating filters. You live and learn.


Quote from the end of the first video. REPRO-1 owners will be offered a “Super Pleasing upgrade” :laughing: So that is my GAS well and truly bubbling away. Sounds like REPRO-1 and REPRO-5 will be a combined product, which makes sense.


Hi All,

Synapse The Legend has been updated to 1.3 and has expanded to include 8 voice support. It’s like a true Memory Moog now. It previously had Mono, Dual and 4 voice. Gary Wright would have loved to have had the 8 voice version but did a great job with multi tracking his mini’s in the day. The 8 voice patches can take some resources in the CPU department so be prepared for that.



Just tried it out - very nice. Sustain pedal is now available too.


It’s really great. Between this, Oddity2, ME80, and Repro, I’ve been in 70’s synth heaven

  • Paul


He sure did. Gary had four minimoogs in his studio, a moog 55 and sequencer, an oberheim 8 voice - a bunch of other stuff, all available on this monster keyboard on a strap that was built for him by Tom Oberheim. I spent a little time around that stuff. Gary was my brother-in-law for 34 years! :smiley:


Small world time again! That was an unexpected and cool surprise! Thanks for commenting Adrian … :smile:



I remember seeing that remote. Damn that thing looked like a back-breaker! Wayne Famous from the Producers wins though, I seem to remember that custom Oberheim rig of his weighed 40 pounds or something. In fact when they did the show in Atlanta for the release of You Make The Heat I vaguely remember he just had an entire OB-Xa strapped on but maybe I hallucinated that.


If you recommend it, I might have to look at it again. I saw it being highly recommended, so I got the demo a few months back, but couldn’t get the “Welcome to the Machine” sound that the Arturia Mini is pretty much nailing spot on. Maybe I should have tried harder

So out of Diva, Arturia, GE Force and Synapse, is there a general consensus as to which one is THE best Mini clone?

Also, slightly OT, the one sound in Welcome to the Machine I have not been able to nail with the Arturia is the slow modulated synth sound under the first verse (I have nailed everything else in the track), so i am starting to wonder if it is something other than a Moog, maybe a VCS3 (Floyd’s “other” synth). Does anybody have any clues on this?


I’ve got to update mine as well. I did recently see a test somewhere, they determined the Synapse was more like the original. If I find it again, I will post it. Other than that, it is our own ears to determine, and that is a long standing battle from guitars, to Hammonds, to Pianos…infinity. For me…I like a little cream in my coffee. :smiley:





Here it is: