Midi solution for audio metronome

I’m searching a way to dispatch an audio clic through my rme babyface, using the midi output.

The card is 4 audio out… so I already use 2 for my synths and 2 for stéréo Electronic drums… no place anymore for the audio clic…

I was thinking about adding a metronome in slave Linked to cantabile…

Are there any other solutions I haven’t think about?

Just out of curiosity: which rme fireface are you using? Always thought firefaces have 6 audio outs & headphone jacks?

Regards, Volker

Sorry , It’s a babyface. I missed the name and changed it in the original post

Ah, explains everything :grinning:

I had the exact same problem some time ago with the slight difference of using the 2nd outs pair for in ears instead of drums.

My solution was to set optical out of babyface to s/pdif mode and attaching an converter from optical to analog audio (in my case I misused an old DAT recorder as converter).

Having a look on the internet I found small boxes for just a few bucks.

Advantage is you are not bound to the limited sonic capabilities of a midi expander & total integration into cantabile.

My 2 cents, regards, Volker


Adat is an option I have never tried :slight_smile:
I’m reading how to right now.

The 2 phones output cannot be separate, am I right?

Adat is another option of course but a bit more expansive. A behringer ADA8200 can do a pretty good job and is cheap for what it is (8ins/8outs).

My idea is a bit reduced, smaller and cheaper. It uses the same optical out but a different protocol.

Not exactly clear what you mean when talking about 2 phones out. Afaik babyface only has one. Of course you can split them into 2 mono outs (but I presume this is not your intention?)

Or are you talking about the phones out on the port extender (only older Babyface)? This is physically identical to the first one.


Great. I think it needs to be tested!
I 'm going to search for the adat solution. It’s only for metronome… so simple material is the solution.

Ad8200 seems cool.
I search for equivalent to compare
Thx a lot

You‘re welcome :grinning: good luck