MIDI In Passthrough Port - anyone using it?


I’m thinking of removing the MIDI In Passthrough port that appears on any plugins that support MIDI In…

It was originally included for compatibility with v2, but we’re getting a bit past that now, it’s no longer necessary and I doubt anyone is actually using it.

Anyone want to talk me into keeping it?


And while we’re on the topic of v2… I’m also considering dropping the ability to open/upgrade old v2 session files.


I can just make another input route so I don’t need them or use them and I am fully C3 now. Haven’t looked at version 2.x in years!


Same here, no need for it.


Never understood what it was!


I’m not using it either.


I use my passthrough port everyday…ooh wait. This is about midi, right? Nevermind then…no, I do not use MIDI passthrough port.