Mellotron VST's?

Any recommendations for a good free ( or purchased) Mellotron VST?

I tried tapeotronic a couple of years ago and it sounded good to me.


Free stuff: Redtron - quite usable

Paid Stuff: GForce M-Tron Pro: best Mellotron emu around with lots of libraries, not really cheap though


I am in accord with Humphrey. For meat and potatoes Redtron is killer. For every sound under the sun (almost literally) MTron is the stuff.

I agree. Redtron works very well.

GForce MTRON Pro is my recommendation. They do several expansion packs as well which are pretty good for specific tape sets.

If you also want a good String Machine emulation then GForce Virtual String Machine is great.

I have Redtron and really like it.

Added Redtron to my collection. Thanks for the suggestions!

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Some years ago I made some Mellotron presets for my MOTIF XF. I used samples found on a website (of course I asked the author for permission before).
You can hear some examples in the middle of the demo song here:

The link to the samples can be found in the pdf manual.

Now I use it with the TX16Wx sampler in Cantabile3.