Media Player audio loop drift

Hi everyone,

I’m a new user of Cantabile and I have to say that it’s an amazing software both in studio and live ! Impressive work, really enjoying it.

Currently, I’m trying to use a syntheziser’s LFO in sync with an audio drum loop played by the media player. The audio file was edited on a DAW to be exactly 2 bars long at 83 bpm. I set the C3 clock on the media player to let it be the time master. However, after 2 or 3 minutes, I start to hear that the LFO is no longer perfectly synchronized with the click (and the drum loop). I tried to play the thing on a DAW and had no problem with sync between the loop and the synth after several minutes.
There seems to be a tiny drift from the media player each time it starts the loop again even though I have set the correct audio file tempo value in the media player file settings.

Does anyone have any clue ? Am I doing something wrong ?


Typically ‘loops’ are triggered repeatedly, rather than being left to cycle. In other words I would use a single-shot sample player and MIDI trigger it every 2 bars to keep it locked.

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Ok, I see the idea, thanks for the reply. What would you use to do that in Cantabile ? Is there a way to trigger the media player (in one shot mode) repeatedly ?

Torsten recommended I check out Sforzando for triggering samples:

You could use a Media player with a MIDI file of triggers imported, or run a sequencer (I like the HY sequencers) to provide the triggers. For me it would be the latter.

In the end, I just looped the audio file itself in the DAW lengthening the loop in order to reduce the number of repetitions in the media player. It works fine

Triggering the media player with midi signal didn’t work well as it involved a silent bar between two repetitions…
I haven’t tried the sequencers but I’ll take a look

Thanks for your advice