Maybe A Little Humor Is Needed


The Coronavirus has become very serious, and my heart goes out to anyone affected by this terrible disease. I saw the following news story and laughed to tears for the 1st time in a few weeks. These are real people that have their own way to solve a problem, when politicians can’t. I admire their ingenuity…but it can only happen in Memphis. :joy:


It’s a special place to live, alright… :smiley:


Oh…I have stories and pictures. Always a few quick laughs everyday. I shake my head several times a day, and move on. It is interesting living between Arkansas and Mississippi for sure. Meth/Heroin capitol of the U.S. I don’t need TV for entertainment. And, I am not making light of it at all. My oldest Son is an addict, but I have to laugh sometimes to keep from crying.


Oh man, sorry to hear that! :frowning:


Thanks man…28 years of worry and fear will grow a thick skin. But, I have to giggle at the stupid stuff I see, even tho it’s sad. That is why a little innocent humor is needed in tough times. What is REALLY funny is these reporters actually broadcasting that story.


So, my house cleaner called to say because of covid-19 she’s going to be working from home. She left me a list of instructions for what to do. :slight_smile:


I still want to play remotely from my house. Although, I may not have to worry about it…venues are shutting down very quickly. My gigs started cancelling today…falling like dominoes.


I’m a school band/choir teacher. My school is closed down for nearly a month (I’m in California), and all our trips and concerts have been cancelled.

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Well, obviously Cruise to the Edge is postponed so we were thinking seriously about doing some kind of streaming show. The problem is we’d have to get our singer up from Florida to do it. Wondering if maybe we could just green-screen her in… :stuck_out_tongue:


That sucks Paul. They just closed all the Casinos here. That is serious!! Never thought the mafia would let it happen. :grin:
The streets were dead when I got out this morning. Like a ghost town without soap and toilet paper. :roll_eyes:


Skype is your friend. The latency would be ridiculous Y’all would have to play behind the beat, lol!


BTW - If everyone has been told to stay home, why are the buying up all of the Hand Sanitizer?


People are fundamentally stupid and obnoxious. We don’t see it because we tend to hang out with people that are less stupid and obnoxious but taken as a whole a large percentage of the human race is basically worthless. Life is a sentence in a mental institution and we should all be glad that at least it will end someday and we will enjoy the sweet release of death to either hopefully level up to a more sane plane of existence or a well-deserved nothingness; either is acceptable.

This is why people are buying up all the hand sanitizer. :smiley:


If we are told to stay home, why is everyone at the stores in long lines and violating occupancy codes. A huddled mass of people within inches of each other. It defeats the purpose of isolation.

The schools and day cares closed to keep kids away from each other, yet the YMCA, churches, and civic organizations are providing a place for children of working parents to mass together everyday. Again, it defeats the purpose of isolation.

All this stress, then the liquor stores close? We only have Chef Boyardee left to eat, but there is no toilet paper? Is this the end of days? :crazy_face:


I was once asked to join the Optimist Club, but I was afraid they wouldn’t accept me in. :joy:


Gives new perspective to the debate on how much latency is too high


I can remember gigs, back in the day, that I wished our audience was as large as the crowd in Food Lion yesterday (and rocked as much as the people in the toilet paper aisle)! :joy:


At what point does latency become “too much”, and turns into a musical round, as in “Row Row Row Your Boat”?


LMAO !! No doubt…a dream gig! Equivalent to a prison riot! :rofl:


In the San Francisco Bay Area, we are now on “Shelter In Place” which is basically a soft lockdown. Guess I’ll be practicing a lot.

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