Maybe A Little Humor Is Needed


That is what I need to do. I also need to work in the yard, but we’ve had 3 days of sunshine in the last 8 weeks. It is gloomy and rains nearly everyday.
I have several things I am working on, plus I have a laptop coming in tomorrow. I have plenty to do for sure. Getting started is the hard part.


My only question is… do you have to vamp when somebody’s internet connection starts buffering when using Jamkazam?

Corky, While that outfit is priceless… perhaps you have not had the opportunity to view some of the local newscasts in the state of Florida. If you watch the national news and see a story that seems impossible to believe, the word Florida is usually contained somewhere within that story. I’ve got to tell you though, that lady knows how to rock an outfit. Trash bags are the new spandex


When I 1st saw the video, I naturally assumed either Memphis or Florida. :joy:

Oh…ok. I thought the virus caused the shortage of trash bags. Now I know it was a “viral” fashion statement.


I’m sure we both have our share of winners, but since moving here, I have never cease to be amazed. When we see a story on the national news, my wife and I both go “how much you wanna bet it’s Florida”? sure enough

Observant and topical!


I lost more gigs today. I expect all venues to be shut down anytime now. Mayor just stopped short of making that call this afternoon. He is very scared to shut down Beale St. and the Beale St Music Festival, which is the 1st week in May. Big tourism draw here. I am sure Graceland will close too. Lots of touring acts are cancelling dates here.


All our local music venues closed last week until further notice. News tonight was saying 3-4 months possible of this. JamKazzam Central, here we come. I volunteer to host groups of 9 in my living room, running $9 beer night…we’ll put JamKazzam on the big screen and keep music alive until we weather the storm… and in the spirit of sharing, I will voluntarily split profits between myself and I. Each remote musician is responsible for their own tip jar


Dropkick Murpheys did a show yesterday from “an undisclosed location in Boston.” They originally were going to live stream from their rehearsal space, but a venue stepped up and lent them a venue, sound, lighting, and a couple camera guys.

“Undisclosed” remained so until After the show ended.

I also saw three other bands live streaming from living rooms and kitchens. All things considered it was okay.


Here in Germany, all non-essential social activities are closed down. All “amusement” venues are closed; restaurants & bars need to provide 5 ft distance between patrons and close at 3 p.m. Some crazy kids still trying to have “Corona parties” in public spaces, but are increasingly being chased away by the authorities.

No more gigs for anyone for the next couple of weeks - I expect a ton of great albums to come out later in the year now that everyone is back in their studios / bedrooms…


I am officially a shut-in. I know several people in the medical field, and they are all warning me how bad this is going to be. I am ordering food and goods online, and they are delivering to my door. On the other hand, my rig is getting a much needed make-over for when, or if, normal life resumes. I expect to do some long anticipated recording at home, just to pass the time. I shall name the recordings “The Corona Sessions - Seclusion Without Paper”. (toilet paper…that is :smirk:)

I wish everyone a safe journey thru these times.

Best Regards



And babies… lot of babies


Not for me…I’m done with that s**t !


Music it will be, then!

In France, we have a name for the newborns to come… “Les Coronaisses” (pronounced a little bit like ‘cojones’)

Spain, France… did completely shut down after Italy. Please prepare yourself, fellow UK and US friends. Take care of yourself and everybody around you. You still have a few days compared to us.
Don’t fool with this nastiness.
Best to all of you!


Talked to a venue owner today. They are officially closed, so I asked him if they will sterilize. He said they will clean, but will not go to the extremes they are doing in schools. I couldn’t help but use a line I recently wrote to a fellow forum member:

“I was hoping you would clean while you are closed, and get rid of that smell…you know, that mixture of smoke, beer, mold, stale perfume, wet carpet, and ass.”
He laughed it off by saying, “That is part of it’s charm.” :roll_eyes::smirk:


You can’t make that smell go away, ever.


So, as I hunker down, the lack of toilet paper and food shortages are inconvenient, but not an emergency. They shut down Beale Street and Graceland, but we can now get mixed drinks to go! :wine_glass:

One thing I don’t understand is the ridiculous, sudden rise in gun sales. What are people expecting? Riots, looting, walking dead?
Yes, people are hoarding, and becoming pushy, but why are gun sales exploding?

Then there are the unusual locust swarms in Africa destroying everything in their path? There have been unusual Earthquakes in Puerto Rico and Utah. Horrible Tornadoes in Nashville. Kenny Rogers died. I found a Cheeto shaped like Cello. I just setup a new performing laptop with Win 10 (hard to find 7 anymore). End of days? Naah, liquor stores are open, I have power, water, and internet. Walmart is delivering everything I need. I just finished a cleaner, lighter rig in case I ever gig again. So, things aren’t so bad. TV works well!!


Always leave a party with a traveler. My daughter used to live in NO and when I went to visit her, next door to my hotel was a drive through cocktail place. I wandered over and asked the young lady running the joint…how the hell do you get away with serving liquor to people in automobiles…as long as the straw is not in the cup, all is well…well hot damn, :heart_eyes:

You do understand that…you don’t want to, but you do. This is a prelude to the one coming in the probably not too distant future that nobody will survive, young or old

I just tried to order an Ethernet cable off Amazon and it is now 1 month delivery. Now that’s a reason to get a gun :rofl: That is a joke for all who might think I’m serious

Addendum: Just saw that Amazon is prioritizing delivering goods related to Covid 19, so Walmart just filled the need for me. Good for Amazon for filling vital needs


Everything I’ve ordered lately has been really fast, but , of course, FedEx main hub and HQ is here, so that may be the reason.

I couldn’t believe they actually let mixed drinks to go become a part of this mess. There are enough drunks out driving as it is. Now, drive up to window and order a cheeseburger and a Tom Collins. What are they thinking?

I am armed but not to the point of having an arsenal. I fortunately live in a crime free neighborhood, but know things can happen anywhere. Not expecting much to go on here.


OK, so I’m a little late on the reply, but the answer is obvious. You need the hand sanitizer for when you run out of toilet paper… :wink:


Is that for before or after?


In Russia the second most popular product (right after the toilet paper) is buckwheat so
there is a following advice here – use buckwheat if toilet paper is out :smile:

kind regards