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Wasn’t there an original Star Trek episode, “The Tribble with Tuplets”, or something like that? Aren’t tuplets those little furry things named for the small Tupperware containers they resemble - albeit with fur? Can tuplets inside of tuplets bear more tuplets while inside the other tuplets?

Where did Frank Zappa learn to crochet? Are there any examples of his work available for public view? Or are those hidden away with the recordings we will never hear?

So many questions!



Intelligent minds want to know!! I think Tuplets are miniature Tulips. It may have something to do with “Tiptoe Through The Tulips”. Only Tiny Tim could decode Zappa. Opposite sides of the spectrum, you know.


No, Corky, those are “Tiplets” referencing “Tiptoe et al”.
True about Tiny Tim and Zappa, though, as far as the decoding capabilities of Tiny Tim. The code is actually etched into the back of TT’s ukulele, and can still be seen from afar (as they don’t let you very close to it).

Close, though! “Tuliplets” is the correct nomenclature that you were likely searching for so hastily. (I took the time to look it up.) It references the musical “shape” of the actual sound of the notes being like small tulip petals flying through the wind on a summery day, in August.



OOOhhhhh! I stand corrected then. So, I guess we need to go on a quest, “In Search Of The Sacred Uke”, just to be the 1st peons to look upon the “Code”. But, there is one thing…when we look at the code, will we be turned into pillars of salt, or will we become slaves to the Zappa doctrine? :thinking:


I suppose you mean “The troubles with tribbles”, It’s one of the most popular episode of the original series. Not my favourite series =-O


No, it was “The Tribble with Tuplets” - about a tribble who sang in a jazz band who used tuplets in excess, that by mechanism of some strange time-driven anomaly drove the crew entirely mad so they started fighting with each other (like real tuplets do), eventually leading to some pretty kinky behaviors. That episode was banned and removed from the cannon of repeats, but can be found on YouTube under a different name.



Corky, please resist looking at the code close enough that you can read it. They are trying to protect you.



Thanks for the warning Terry. Now I know if I look directly at the code, I will suffer forever in Zappa purgatory. I would never be able to perform a simple 4/4 song again. No more 12 bar, no more 3 chord country tunes. I would be doomed to continuous time & key changes, tuplet multiplications, hybrid modal bastardizations, and the feeling of performing with diarrhea ridden Orangutans conducting the ensemble with feces covered orchestral batons. In my part of the world, this is called “S**t Slinging”…pretty much what I do on this site everyday. :smirk:


It’s all about the bass, bout the bass, bout the bass no tribbles


I guess I need more knowledge about American musical culture :thinking: