Load problem xfer nerve (solved)


just fiddling around with a demo of nerve from xfer - really nice drum & loop machine. Whereas nerve is loading seemlessly under cubase 11 pro and ableton 9 load process under c3 freezes cantabile each time I try to load a preset (tested on my Win10 PC).

Can someone help out (ain‘t gonna spend 199 bucks if it won‘t do the job in C3 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Thanks and regards, Volker

It just came to mind I didn‘t play live for more than a year (due to covid restrictions) and thus did not do updates on C3 for a while. After loading latest experimental version nerve works flawlessly (maybe also an earlier / stable version would do). Obviously brad had already taken right measures (as usual :grin:)

Kind regards, Volker