Live-Streaming Performances, Lessons, Improvisations Using Cantabile - Discussion

I hope this discussion will prompt more people to do live-streamed performances via Zoom, YouTube, or Twitch - something I’ve been doing for a few years now and still enjoy doing.

To kick this discussion off, I’ll be doing a live webinar Monday, Feb. 15th at 12:30 PM EST (link leads to registration page). I’ll be showing off my full rig and setup, which admittedly is more “grand” than most people will use to start off (I use a capture card in a second computer and OBS Studio on that machine to run the stream). But I’ll be talking in-depth about doing it using a single computer.

This is all possible no matter what version of Cantabile you currently use, including Cantabile Lite, but perhaps as you get into it you will want to upgrade to Solo or Performer down the road.

I use Voicemeeter Banana when streaming via Zoom to convert my MOTU 828 mk3 hybrid ASIO audio interface to Windows WDM audio to feed Zoom with. I will be covering the steps to make it possible to use Zoom’s “Original Sound” settings so that your audio stream is uncompressed. (Normal Zoom audio is heavily compressed and processed to work with voice in a room where you are listening to your guests with speakers. Since this is turned off when using “Original Sound” it is advised you wear isolating headphones since the normal cancellation would be problematic if turned on.) If you can’t wait, here is a great video explaining the steps (also turn on the stereo mode introduced recently as she shows later in the video). Her Zoom for Music Checklist is great also on her website.

For YouTube and Twitch streaming, OBS now has an ASIO driver or two around. I use one called ASIO Plugin 2.0 but there is now a 3.0 version that needs another free file downloaded also called “BassAsio” (download link at the top-center). However, I recommend sticking with the 2.x version for now, as the BassAsio driver is actually a bit long in the tooth (old) that the 3.0 version relies upon, and the Juce library used by the 2.x versions is much more reliable. Scroll down that page a little and click the “Assets” drop-down to see the downloads. Anyway - go get one of them and install it. Definitely worth taking the time.

More fun to be found during the webinar, which will be recorded. But let’s continue the discussion here until it RIVALS Corky’s Organ topic!!! (Yeah, like I wish…)


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Here is the replay of the Live Streaming video mentioned above.


Thanks for posting the recording, Terry. I get weekly forum updates in digest form, so I miss all the quasi-real-time discussion.

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I am posting all of the replays as I get them edited. I just posted Webinar 6. :slight_smile:


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Hi Terri,

Today’s link isn’t the one that has the password for some reason.



I sent out the email a few minutes ago. Hopefully that link works.

The page updated itself right at 12:30 to include the “Begin Meeting” and show the password

Ah, I had better look into that. I started ten minutes early so folks could come in, but must have something set wrong. Perhaps I need to set the meeting start time to 12:15.


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