Live mode buttons caption not updating

Hi guys,

I’ve set up a song that has media players that have tracks for every song in a show I’m doing. There are lots of tracks and some are for quite short sections of songs. I need to know that I’m going to be playing the right one before I hit go, so I’m trying to create a button in live mode that has a caption that shows the currently selected track. When I create the button and hit ok, with $(SelectedMediaFileTitle) as the caption it very kindly shows the title of the current media file in the media player that is selected. However, when the media players get to the end of the file they’re playing (I have bindings set up to move to the next file in the playlist at the end), and switch to the next files, the caption on the button doesn’t update…

I’m sure it’s me missing something but can anyone think of what?

Cheers as always for the help.


And to update, it doesn’t work in show notes, either…


Could you post a pic of your Bindings Pierce? My first guess is that it won’t display unless the media player is selected, if another object is selected there will be “No Media File” displayed instead.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the swift reply.

Here’s the bindings:

(the 2 at the bottom were my failed attempt to switch from route view back to show notes…)

Here’s the routing page:

If I physically click from the routing page to the show notes page, it updates the title (if it’s changed) but when the media players go on to the next track triggered by the binding, it doesn’t…


Also, while I’m here,

Is there a way, if you have 2 or more media players playing files, so you can route them all to different outs, for click, counts and different stems, to get them so you can select a song in the master media player and have it sync the others with the same numbered song in the playlists of the others? Would save a lot of time during sound checks and rehearsals etc if you needed to jump around the set list quickly. (and yes, I know you could do this with separate songs with the right track selected, but I’ve done it all in one song for now…)


Yea, I think it’s what I said. When the media player is the last thing selected it displays the title.

if something else was last selected it displays “No Media File”

Yes, but if you have it displaying the media file title, by selecting it, then play the media file, when it gets to the end and the binding makes the file change, the button doesn’t update, even if the media player is still selected…


If they are started out on the same song this type of bindings will do it.

Yes, that’s what I’ve got in my bindings above, if you look, they’re called Click, Counts, Brass and Strings & Perc. They’re the media players that all have the same track lists, with the respective audio files for each stem. If I get the show notes/button to sync for the first file, then hit play, when the track reaches the end and the binding fires, it doesn’t update the show notes/button.

Cheers for your help so far Dave, always appreciated.


It does here so I’m puzzled, I have my bindings the same as yours …

Here’s what you want I think, it allows you to select any file in player 1 manually and it will the load the indexed equivalent in the other players. It also includes the next file binding to work with the others.

Aha! That works for keeping the 4 media players in sync song wise, thanks!

However, I still can’t get the button to stay synced… It’s entirely possible that it’s because I’m on quite an old version of Canabile, 3683…


It works on V4055, sorry, I didn’t know what version you were using. Video shows it working …

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How did you not know what version I was using? :rofl: :wink:

Seriously though, thanks for the help, it must be down to the version. Maybe @brad fixed something…

I’ll update after the show tomorrow…


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Tried it on 4055, works perfectly! Just as an aside, $(MasterMediaFileTitle) works whatever you’ve got selected…

Thanks for the help Dave, really appreciate it.


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Thanks for the tip on $(MasterMediaFileTitle) Pierce, glad you worked it all out.

Dave :slight_smile:

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