Live Loop Control

Hey All,

This idea has come up a number of times now - the ability to dynamically control during performance whether a media player play range loops or continues. I’ve created a trello card for it here, but interested in ideas, discussion, comments…

See Trello Card - Live Loop Control


Put me down as someone who would love this feature. A main feature of truly live shows is the ability to vamp or take extended solos, and it would be awesome to be able to respond to the immediate needs of the crowd!


I would definitely use this.

Also an affordance to control recording and playback of loops during play in Cantabile would be useful. For example, a keyboard Function Key, CC, or Midi Note could be assigned to start/stop loop recording in a Media Player or other object.

I can get around this using a plug-in (MPC Essentials), but having a very simple native looper (emulate a single button pedal) to which I could route selected audio sources would take things to another level, at least for me.


Hi @joesixpack123

Loop recorder is something I’ll be thinking about at some point. In the meantime there are a few plugins that can do this. eg: try Mobius.


Big +1 here as well. I’m also interested in play ranges/song sections being able to trigger state changes. This may not be part of Brads intended scope here but worth mentioning. See you in Trello!


I can’t say I spent a lot of time trying, but Mobius seems to be more than I need and usability wasn’t great for me.
A single button synced looper object that could be triggered or “binding’ed” would work for me.


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Yep another big “plus a gazillion” here too! hahaha!

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I would love to have that possibility in C3!!! I wish i can get rid of Ableton (i use it only when i have no drummer)…but i cant because is the only way to play and improvise Live with MIDI drum loops during my Gig…sometimes Many Electronic musicians come to the stage and ask me which software im using (maybe because they see controllers in my live Rig) i always recommend C3 but … moths later they end it up buying Ableton because the “Live loop control” thing is very important these days!..