Little offset audio

I’m really confused this morning!
I put like always i do a new mediafile and I experienced audio offset
It’s really little offset but it’s here and boring…
The only change is that I update from cubase pro 10 to 11, from where I export my wave files…
Any idea about this bug and how to get it in sync again?

I have to reinstall cubase 10 to compare…

In fact, it seems to be a different problem… if it is one… changing Cubase version didn’t changed anything…

So I need your return to see if it’s only me…

The waveform in C3 seems correctly positionned BUT the sound at the begining seems to be cut by few milliseconds… When I zoom in very very far, I can see the waveform is OK!
But for exemple a kick drum, When I push the play button , I loose the attack.
Heeeelp :slight_smile:

Buffer size for your audio interface?


Did you try to listen the same sample from your DAW? Same issue?

That is your sample rate and bit rate.
Are you using ASIO driver? If so check your buffer size. If greater than 128 you are experiencing latency.

In cubase I have no offset at all. (Same buffer site…)
It seems to appear in C3 at the begining of the listening but I m pretty sure all is in sync.

I put some markers and everytime I get the file play, I miss the attack…

I use asio. Babyface pro fs, last generation…

I’ll make a test at different buffer size.
Let you know the result.

Interesting… :thinking:

This may explain why I totally failed when trying to trigger media players via midi out of ableton to use its clip synchronization capabilities…

Regards, Volker

I don’t know… everything is in sync for me But I miss the attack at the begining… I can’t hear the first milliseconds of my mediafiles when I engage Play… It’s not offset in fact, it’s just the sound that is like muted at the very begining.

Yes, I‘m aware. But think of a bunch of clips that are exactly cut to 4 beats and which are triggered exactly in sync. If the start of each clip is cut it would sound totally odd and may very well be the effect you described…