Laptop/keyboard setup

Hello Cantabile community,

It’s been awhile since I posted. I’m ready to dive back in the Cantabile program.

I have two keyboards set up on a two tier keyboard stand (Proline)… I’ve been search for a way to set up my laptop near my keyboards where I can easily access it. I tried a small table to the side but it doesn’t work for me. I looked at device that attaches to the keyboard stand but because I have a two tier stand it wouldn’t work. Can you guys suggest a setup for me?

Thank you

I use one of these mounted to a mic stand.


I use this

and also I use a monitor pedestal like this


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This one is pretty nice - you have an additional small tray for your audio interface.

Or there is the one without the added tray:

Both work nicely and are sufficiently stable for my use. When stage space is tight (when isn’t it), I put my laptop on the stand and push it underneath my main keyboard (I play standing up) - I have a mini monitor velcro’d to my main keyboard attached to it…



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Great ideas, thank you!

Thank you Torsten. I like the 12150 with tray. I was doing some research on my own but I figured you guys would know what works.

Here is my On-Stage based setup:

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Very similar to my small rig, which I use quite frequently. Are you running 2 controllers without a 2nd tier?

I use one of those stands for live:

These are modified Jaspers aluminium stands - very light and easy to set up. I use my 2in1 Convertibles in tablet mode.


Can you share a link?

Hi Corky,

I cut down the second tier as follows:


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Thanks Doug. I now remember you posting this. :grinning:

I’m really happy with the setup. Not really necessary for playing out but great for working on organ trio parts.

Ok. I get it. I’ve been progressively reducing my load the past 2 years. Always looking for ways to improve my rig. So many years I used X-frames and Column-frames, too wobbly, but easy to carry. I went to Z-frame last year, and love it. but I am using a second tier, which makes it clumsy and heavy to transport. It folds up, but breaking it down to parts is tedious. Nursing a soon-to-be replaced hip, I strive to reduce gear weight, and trips from truck to stage. My friend Steve K helped with his great suggestions. I toyed with going to 1 keyboard controller and maximizing C3, but it will take quite a while to route and adjust from many years of multiple controllers. Plus, 2 keybeds for Hammond clones would be eliminated. A split might work, but I would have to go back to an 88 key controller.

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Hi Corky:

Seems that this stands are not available anymore. I had one of the bigger systems in the studio years ago and extended the keyboard stand with parts of it and some accessories.

Ok. Thanks

Rats! That was looking like a system i was interested in!

Sorry for the late reply. I was out Christmas shopping.

You have a nice set up.

I have a two tier keyboard stand (Proline). Would your set up work for me?

A little late to the party here but I’ve used one of these for the past 7-8 years or so? Possibly the best piece of touring kit (other than Cantabile of course) I have as it travels in my hand luggage on flights with my Babyface and pedals and all i need from the venue is a mic stand… I don’t like having the laptop visible on stage so having something so robust gives me confidence that regardless of anything the laptop is locked in place and isn’t budging;

I admit it’s not cheap but totally robust and lasted me for years!

I also carry a simple mic stand tray like this;

There are plenty cheaper options but this has always been sturdy, and space for the Babyface with room to take the slack of the breakout cable without it tipping over.

Hi Hunter,

I did a lot research on stands but somehow never came across the HyperMount QR. That looks really well designed. I ended up connecting a Gator Framework quick release mic stand adapter to an On-Stage MSA5000 laptop plate that has a female mic thread underneath it. I zip tied my interface underneath it along with a 4 port powered USB hub, laptop power adapter and a small power strip.

BTW, I noticed elsewhere you mentioned having a monolithic setup. I did the same when I started playing out with Cantabile. I had all the instruments loaded up in a single song and I just switched between them. Then I went to using song states and finally racks.

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