Korg M1 State loses bank assignment


I’ve an M1 plugin.

If I assign a patch to a rack state, then change to a different M1 rack state, and that patch is in a different bank, the M1 retains the bank, but keeps the program change.

This has “Interesting” sonic results, usually bad.

Is there some quirk to the M1 that requires special handling? I love the critter, but as-is it’s not really usable. Do I need to filter program changes on its input maybe?

Yes, for M1, the preset system shown in Cantabile is only able to address one bank. Best solution is to create your own user bank with the presets you need in it - just copy the ones you need. Then, just stay within that bank.



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thought that might be the case.

Now to remember how to do that . . .

Looks like I have a bank of Sounds and a bank of Multis (or whatever Korg calls them)? Do they count as the same bank?

You can also check the Bank option in State Behavior. It will then remember the entire bank. It could make your song file large if you’re not careful.

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