Korg Legacy Collection


This is on sale now - 50% off. I already have M1 and am wondering if purchasing the additional software programs will add significantly to my “sounds reservoir”. For example, I’m listening to samples from Wave Station- some nice sounding pads there. On the other hand, there are still many M1 sounds that I haven’t really explored. Thoughts?


I LOVE the Wavestation VST! I have two hardware versions (SR and original) but the plugin version is much easier to program and comes with oodles of sounds. There is nothing quite like a Wave station. You can run several instances of it as well for crazy amounts of polyphony. A tremendous buy even at the original price!



thanks Terry. Based on your suggestion and comments on MusicPlayer Forums, I decided to pick up both Wave Station and Mono/Poly, both at %50 off- sale ends today.


I think I will pick up the mono/poly also. At Korg this sale is?



Ok, Lee - you tricked me into it! I also bought the M1… so vast! AND the Mono/Poly…

Thanks for mentioning the sale! That slipped right under my radar!



An interesting aside concerning the Wavestation (and likely the M1 also) is that the original machines purportedly used only a 32kHz sample rate, while the VSTi uses 44.1kHz. Reference:

“Simply stated, these plug-ins are everything their original counterparts were…and more! The Wavestation plug-in, for example, uses the same digital coding as the original, but the original had a 32kHz sample rate and the new plug-in supports 44.1 through 96kHz - simply awesome!”


The Wavestation VSTi also added the long pined-for resonant filter, and like the M1 VSTi, includes every card ever made for the synth, plus the “Devine” patch bank available from the Korg User Net download page.



Terry, do you have a link for the Devine patch download? I’ve searched the user forum and found references to it, but no download.


Great tip-off everyone, I just added the Wavestation plugin to my collection :smile:


Neil - AWESOME! :smile:

Lee - after you log in, the Richard Devine Wavestation bank is at the very bottom here: http://www.korguser.net/asp/download.asp

You’ll see several other banks for the Mono/Poly above it (5 total), as well as one bank for the M1 by NUMB.




BTW, if you want to try the Mono/Poly patches, they are in a different format than the usual .fxb.

Just left of center near the bottom in the Mono/Poly interface is a “File” button in black. Clicking that exposes the load and save menu items in the window to its left.

First, save the existing patch set both as a bank and as “All”. Make a folder somewhere to place all of these.

Then, click the file button and then the load menu and find the un-zipped patches.

That took me a minute to figure out, as I went blind for a while and did not see the File button, which is not shown in the PDF that I could see, so I hope that helps!



Thanks Terry. I will check those links out. Just getting around to installing them now.


Terry, I’ve downloaded the Devine bank. Now how to import it into Wave Station? If I click File- Import- and try to import the bank, I get this error message: “failed to import system exclusive file”.

OK, I’ve loaded the bank by going to File- Load All RAMs- then selecting the Devine bank. Now RAM1 bank includes “Devine Strings” at slot 0, but where is everything else from this bank?


I think it is only one bank, but I haven’t loaded it in months. I’ll check on it in the morning.



Uhhh - I won’t be able to check on it until this evening. It is about to become Grand Central Station around here!



I must have missed the sale. It indicates 199 US. Is that the original price? I loved the Wavestation! No other synth like it. Back in the day it took a while to program.


The entire legacy collection is $199, but the Wavestation by itself is only $49 now that the sale is over. Scroll down a bit to find the individual items listed.



Thanks! Can’t believe I missed that! 49 bucks, there is no reason not to get it. Can’t wait to get home and play with it.



To load .fxb banks, you go not to the FILE menu, but rather to the three horizontal lines just under the close “X” at the upper right and click that to show the “Import Program or Bank” menu item. You then navigate to the un-zipped file, “WAVESTATION_Devine_bank.fxb” and it will load into RAM1 leaving your other patches untouched.

You may then save this bank from the FILE menu as a .wsram file and later load it into a different RAM bank, either RAM1, 2 or 3.

Hope that clears that up! Took me a bit to figure out the first time, and truthfully had to run through it a second time to remember that myself! :slight_smile:

Before I did any of that, I used FILE/SAVE All Banks to create a Factory Patches backup so I could always restore things back to the original condition. I also used FILE/SAVE to save each bank separately.



Thanks Terry. Could it have been anymore obscure? Looked for a user’s manual but couldn’t find one.


Here you go!

KLC_WAVESTATION_Manual.zip (3.6 MB)