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Thanks again Terry. Happy New Year!


Terry, is there any organization of sounds in Wavestation other than that they are deposited in RAM and ROM banks.? For example, is there a browser or search mechanism whereby I can sort by sound type, such as Pad, Strings, or Lead? It’s pretty inefficient to go through each bank searching for the right sound.


Well, there actually is some method to the madness. Certain positions hold similar types of patches, like 1, 10, 20, 30, etc. and 2, 12, 22, etc. But that’s the extent of it! No organized browser, and very obscure names to boot! :wink:



I suppose then that the best way to organize the patches might be to include Wavestation favorites in Cantabile racks- lead synth, pad, strings, etc.


Ahhh! That is a great idea! :sunny:



I’m having this problem with most system exclusive banks on Wavestation 2.0.0

On my older version on another DAW PC, I don’t have this problem. Please help?

Thank you :blush:


Not sure what the problem is, but for all of you Korg Legacy users, I guess you have seen the complete revision of the VST’s;

There’s a free upgrade to the new versions: they look fantastic, the preset management is way easier…

Enclosed my Cantabile Rack with my favorites:
KorgWavestationRack.cantabileRack (2.2 MB)


I could not find the “free” part of the upgrade. I do not own the “Collection”. I’ve purchased separate plug-ins such as M1 and Wavestation. I downloaded a free trial of the “new” M1. The main difference I see is that the GUI is larger. The layout itself, which is dated, doesn’t appear to be any different. When I log in and check to see what products are eligible for a free upgrade I see nothing, even though I’ve purchased licenses for Wavestation, M1 and MonoPoly over the past 5 years.


I had to do one additional step to get the upgrade, because I think they changed the website; you need to get some kind of transfer code; then ‘buy’ the upgrade and with the transfer code you’ll get the upgrade for free; if I remember well you need to go to the ‘old’ website and follow instructions there; otherwise I would contact their support line
If I find the instructions again myself, will upload them here



Sounds typical of Korg’s convoluted process for purchasing/upgrading. The screenshot below explains it. Only users who have purchased 6 Korg items are eligible. I think I’ve purchased 5.



So there is also an option to “migrate” individual apps. Following the link provides coupon codes for each item. Unfortunately when I tried applying the coupon code for M1 and Wavestation at checkout, Korg says the coupon has already been used. Following the “learn more” link takes me to a page that’s entirely in Japanese. WTF? Might as well laugh :joy:


yeaahh… Would maybe try to contact their customer support, as a last attempt…


Korg customer support is notoriously bad. I think I’ll just stick with what I have. It’s perfectly usable.


They are 64 bit only too.

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