Korg K49 MIDI cmds okay via Din but not USB A


I just got a K49. It works great using only a 9V adapter (neg tip) and a MIDI-to-USB converter’s MIDI-IN plug inserted in the 5-pin jack. It kinda works using only the USB cable. That is, it gets power and the cursor works but the keyboard keys don’t work, they don’t make a sound (either they don’t generate MIDI commands or, if they do, they aren’t “read” by Cantabile; the Monitor option is gray). I downloaded the K49 driver but that didn’t help or hurt. Any idea what might be the problem? Is there an option in Cantabile or Windows 10 that I may need to set?



Hi Ron,

Could be that the USB only connection is providing enough amps to power it on but not enough for the keybed to function. Do you by any chance have a powered USB hub around?

EDIT: Looked up K49 power adapter - as it’s nine volts I’m pretty sure you have to use it - USB is 5 volts.


Thanks, dsteinschneider, I also downloaded the manual and it hinted at that too, so I plugged in the 9v adapter to help the USB out, but nothing changed. I don’t have a powered USB hub (first time I have heard of one); I do have a regular 1-to-4 USB HUB. It may be that that circuitry is damaged, I don’t know, again I just got it (second hand), from a guy leaving the area.



There was a discussion on this here:


Good to know this, Corky. Based on that I turned everything off, disconnected all USB devices (a mouse and a keyboard), plugged in only the Korg K49 set to Standby, restarted the computer, switched the K49 from Standby to USB. No improvement. I’m guessing that part of the keyboard is dead. Regardless, the workaround – using the 9v adapter and the 5-pin DIN to USB converter – essentially amounts to the same thing as getting a powered USB hub. I was just hoping that I had not turned on some feature in Windows or Cantabile.