Introducing Routing Diagrams


I love this! It’s great for quick and simple setups and when I need to do a bunch of routing quickly. I can see myself using this view first and then going back to table view for detail work.

I also think this will expand Cantabile’s user base – giving inexperienced users an easy way into the program. Thanks, @Brad! I’m looking forward to where this is going.


Thanks everyone for the feedback - glad everyone seems to be enjoying it.

I thought of this, but decided to wait for feedback to see what else might be useful on each component.

It should remember the last used view mode (if the rack/song has been saved since being opened in this build). If it’s never been saved by this build then it will use the “Preferred Routing View” in Options -> General. If not, it’s a bug.

I’ll see what I can do.

Certainly doable, except will need to be different key. Space is currently used for transport play/stop.

(In the meantime, don’t forget shift+mouse wheel for horizontal scroll. Also, some laptop trackpads support horizontal and vertical mouse wheel which makes two way scrolling of the view around pretty easy).

Nice idea except clicking on a port starts a drag operating from it. Let me think about this and see if I can come up with something.

It definitely will be.


I can’t reproduce this - can you send me a screen shot?

Don’t understand - racks support this view, but each song/rack has a separate view mode setting.

Correct, but this falls back to my above comment about waiting to see what else would be useful on the object boxes themselves.

Can you send me a screen shot and a copy of your settings.json and log.txt?

I hope so!



It was right in front of me, sorry!

I was overlooking the new buttons in the racks as stated above, no bug

Upon further checking I see that I can access it by clicking the route itself instead of the sandwich menu selection so it is implemented.

OK, then I think this would be something that would be useful.

will do and thanks for the answers



Coming soon:


Is that (zooming) working with a touchscreen too?


Great improvement, Brad - that makes Cantabile a lot easier accessible especially when being a not so experienced user. The ability to switch between the views adds a lot of additional flexibility. Thanks so much for the continous development of this great application.


This will be really helpful. Brad you are are truly a wizard.

I read this silly but entertaining book called “Off To Be The Wizard” by Scott Meyer (BTW, not a kids book) about a guy who finds a file online that when modified changes reality. Brad reminds me of the “wizards” (people who’ve found the file) in the book.


This works really well. :slight_smile:

It is great to be able to click on the wiring diagram and see what you have set on a route in terms of filters and the like. It’s made me notice unnecessary ports in my racks, which I’ve cleaned up. So, I like it. :slight_smile:

Only one problem I have noticed so far. I moved the divider on the output ports to minimise that view, and now I cannot restore it.


Not yet except by keystrokes. Working on touch pinch to zoom, but not done yet.

Don’t forget the “Edit - Trim Unused Ports” commands are your friend for this.

That’s a bug, it’s on my to-do list for the next build.


Thanks, Brad

I’m embarrassed for not noticing some of the menu options, like that trim unused ports one. Look forward to the bug fix as well, so I can get the output ports back on that diagram! But I really love that diagram feature. I’m comfortable with the rack view, but seeing things in a flow diagram is good as well. :slight_smile:


@brad You are a monster! Really amazing job! Bravo!


Build 3582 is available now. Download here.

Changes include:

  • You can now zoom in/out using:

    • Ctrl + Mouse Wheel
    • Ctrl + Page Up/Down
    • Two finger pinch (touch screen devices)
  • Clicking on a port without dragging will select all routes connected to that port. This can be used to highlight routes to/from a port.

  • Added Shift+click/drag to pan

  • Fixed - entire routing diagram went white if scrolled enough

  • Fixed - resizing the output ports area while scrolled horizontally doing crazy stuff.

Let me know if you have feedback, or find bugs.


Hey Brad,

All new functions working well here! Zoom function hot keys (Ctrl and Shift) + Mouse wheel works well for zooming and dragging to the view I want pretty quickly. I especially like the port indicator feature, very helpful.



Now it’s perfect for me! A great tool to build and review setups. Great help in identifying routing hiccups.

I’ll have to see how I’ll actually build new songs in future - probably a mix of views. The table view helps with a quick overview of the loaded rack states and having all the gain faders and levels at the same time, so I’ll probably do the sound fine-tuning there, but the routing view is great for assembling the components and making sure everything is connected right.

Wouldn’t want to lose either one - great that we can now have both! Epic improvement, @brad !





I have a bit of an anomaly here. There appears to be plenty of screen space, but the top part of my rack diagram runs off the page. You can see Keys 3 Horns, but missing mic in, piano, etc. I can shift-drag it down, but releasing the “click” makes it jumps back up… I can’t seem to get a picture of the jump as I don’t have enough hands to hold the drag and activate the Snip tool :slight_smile:

Anything else you need? Is this where you want bug reports?



Should have thought to include the table view


What happens if you simply move the “Final Master” rack down? I guess the auto-arrange algorithm didn’t cater for the high number of input ports; but you should be able to change the position manually, so that all ports are visible.




Yes, it occurred to me later to move things around. And to get rid of unused and redundant import ports.


Correct, auto arrange doesn’t take plugin/rack/mediaplayer ports into account. Auto arrange is a super hard problem to solve for all situations so the approach I took was to have it do a decent job for the most common scenarios. It only takes into account the objects themselves and the connections between them.


Great! This feature really helps finding your way in complex routings. Great job, Thanks! @brad!

I have a touch screen. When I zoom out completely using two finger pinch or Ctrl + Mouse Wheel and then try to zoom in again with two finger pinch it doesn’t work. Ctrl + Mouse wheel does work flawlessly.