Install VST2, VST3 or Both - OPXII?


I was reviewing your response to a crash report on OPX and you stated to make sure I was using the latest version. Sonic Projects does have an update from 1.2 to 1.2.2. I started installing it and noted that it will install both a VST2 and VST3 version. So I held off.

Which plugin in better to use with Cantabile?
Should I only install one, or both?

Thanks, John

Hi, as far as I remember brad startet the development of VST3 but dropped it lateron due to some difficulties with the definition of VST3. So VST2 should be the way to go.

Regards, humphrey

I haven’t had any problems with that plugin since I installed the VST 2 64-bit version.

Hi John,

You’ll need the VST 2 version for Cantabile because of this.

That said, I’ve spoken with OPX’s developer and the VST 2 plugin is a wrapper around a VST 3 core - they’re essentially the same thing.


I THINK I have been seeing this problem with VST2 x64 version, but haven’t done enough real testing to be sure. I use this plugin in a few songs, and the patch I am using is factory patch in a bank that can be loaded (but notthe defalt bank).

If I open the plugin via C3, load the bank and select the patch, then save my Rack in C3, everything works fine. But then if I switch to a different song or setlist, then come back to the first song, I don’t think the correct patch is getting loaded (maybe because the bank is not getting loaded, and it seems that I can’t load the patch without first loading the bank).

But like I said, I haven’t done enough testing to be sure. (And I think this is the only plugin I’m seeing the problem with, so I don’t think it’s a C3 issue.)

Hi Roland,

There is an issue with OPX’s preset management as logged here and I think it only happens with the x64 edition (could be wrong, can’t remember):

I do need to look at this but I think the resolution requires the same set of changes as required to support VST3 (which is why I haven’t got to it yet).